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How To Help Your Child Deal w/ Bullying

My son will be starting Kindergarten August 15th. For 4 years he’s been at a in-home childcare, which has turned into his family. I’ve never had to worry about anything happening to him or other children treating him badly but with him transitioning into a private school with more children around I’m getting nervous. There…

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OH NO! A Pimple.

Every find yourself rolling around in sunflowers, walking across a rainbow and singing in the rain (aka having an absolutely amazing day) and then suddenly you start to feel swelling/a sore on a targeted spot of your face. Instantly your annoyed because you know that more than likely it’s a sign of a pimple developing.…

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Let Silence Be The Answer

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” though not many of us have always taken that advice due to the pettiness that lies within our souls. As easy as it seems to just let things go and say nothing at all, it is waaaayyyyy…

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