Death Wish

Photo by Maria Orlova on I wanted to give up on him. There was a part of me that believed one day he’d change. Life would hit him so hard he wouldn’t have a choice. Reality would hit and he’d do what needed to be done. Instead, he kept taking those pills. Looking for... Continue Reading →

Take A Look

I’ve become accustomed to filters; The fake lashes, colorful eyes, plump lips and rosy cheeks. It’s the me everyone on social media is used to seeing. It’s the me I’ve become comfortable with. It’s the me that the camera loves. It's the me who is super confident. But, that person isn't really me. It's not... Continue Reading →

Call Me Insane

I remember I used to sit back and wait for you to become available to me. It didn't matter if It took years, I was willing to wait and see. I just knew we were meant to be. We would talk on the daily; message after message. You were somebody else's, yet you had all... Continue Reading →

365 Days of You

A year with you was all I needed for all my dreams to come true With you there was no limit to what I could do No one had ever believed in me like you I was blinded when it came to what I could do the heights I could reach the love I could... Continue Reading →

I Complete Me

Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash You may be feeling lost right now and looking to others to make you feel entire again. Only you can get yourself to the point of feeling whole. Start by repeating these words daily, I complete me. Sincerely, She Reneé, Sydney. Her Final Entries: A Collection of Poems and Affirmations (p. 63).... Continue Reading →

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