Latest Release: Let’s Be Friends…Always

Rebecca is now part owner of Pretty & Bold Publications and a published author, while Brandon has started his own television production company. The two have finally made it down the aisle a year and a half after Brandon’s proposal and they couldn’t be happier. Now that the wedding is over, the newlyweds have moved into their new home and are ready to start their lives officially as Mr. and Mrs. Young.

No longer holding onto the pain from her past, Rebecca has formed a bond with Ashley that no one completely understands and Nasir knows nothing about.

Looking to rebuild the brotherhood between Brandon and Nasir; Rebecca, Ashley, and their group of friends come up with a plan to reunite the two in hopes of forming a bond that will last always and forever.

About Me

HI, I’m Sydney Reneé, Author and Creator of The Diary of She

I created The Diary of She, in order to give myself a voice and to remind myself that imperfection is okay. When I entered motherhood TDOS became a place for me to vent my frustrations, give some advice and introduce you to the writer in me. Throughout the years TDOS has gained the attention from women all over, who could relate to my life journey.

I want to continue to inspire and empower these women through my poetry books and life experiences shared right here on The Diary of She.

SHE has become a way of life and a brand I am happy to have created. SHE represents strength, honesty and evolving – survival, hustle and empowerment.

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    Suprise! New Book on the Way… and I have a sample for you below. Cover will be revealed soonish, but I’m too excited to hide this chapter from you all. I hope you enjoy. BTW the story is called The Beginning of Our Ending Tests & Regrets Skye Today is September 9, 2010, and here…


  • Unrequited Love

    I feel lost in your presence, even though you don’t seem to notice me.In your presence, I feel a sense of disorientation, despite the fact that you appear to be unaware of my existence. I persist in showing my ability to provide for your needs, despite receiving nothing in return for my efforts. Perhaps you…


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    “Whew!” is all I have to say about A.E. Valdez’s book, A Worthy Love. When I tell you a book has never made me laugh this much, made my stomach flutter, and brought tears to my eyes… it’s never happened to me before. A.E. Valdez covers infidelity, domestic and emotional abuse, as well as abortion.…


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    So…Let’s get into A King’s Town Novella by author Shon. It’s a 4 book series, full of spice, so please get your water and a towel ready, if you know what I mean. Add this series to your Kindles A-S-A-P