Amber Rose Still Hurting Over Divorce.


Despite what everyone thinks Amber Rose seems to still be heartbroken over her divorce to rapper Wiz Khalifa, who I’d say isn’t really phased about his divorce from Amber. Lately she’s been hanging out with Nick Simmons and it’s not what we think. The two are just friends and it could be her way of temporally relieving the pain she’s feeling. Today Amber took to her twitter to express the pain she’s been feeling.

The mornings are especially hard.

The pain…I wake up every morning feeling like my best friend died….. I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now.

Monday, September 22, Amber Rose had officially filed for divorce after a year of marriage claiming irreconcilable differences. It was sad news for the couples fans. I don’t think anyone seen divorce in their future, at least not me. Just a week or so before the divorce Amber was posting pictures saying how in love she was and making twerk videos for her man. Needless to say as soon as the news broke Amber Rose was accused of being a gold digging cheater. People made claims that she was only after Wiz’s money and that she had cheated with Nick Cannon. She quickly went to her twitter to clear up those rumors saying,

Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years. I think u guys know this…..Unfortunately my now ex husband can’t say the same…I’m devastated and crushed but my main focus is Sebastian. Thank u for all the support in this difficult time.

The story only got crazier when we found out he not only cheated but with twins, Jas and Ness, two upcoming designers from Sacramento, CA. I know who the girls are by association so seeing the news was a shocker.


According to Amber Rose’s friend Peter Rosenberg, Amber caught Wiz in the act and that the couple were also having their problems. While hosting Hot 97 he took it upon himself to spill the beans saying,

There’s a complicated situation between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. I am very close with Amber and my wife is very close with Amber, great relationship with Amber. I like Wiz, always have and believe Wiz to be a good person, so I just want to be clear about that. Now with that being said, when you’re friends with someone that’s a wonderful person and I say that with knowledge, real intimate knowledge that she is a wonderful person. I’m not suggesting that Wiz Khalifa is lying , because I don’t think he’s honestly the kind of guy that goes calling websites, but I will say that some of these trash-filth websites like Media Takeout that don’t care about anyone’s feelings in life, the scum of the earth are reporting things that are not necessarily true. Not just them, TMZ are reporting things that are not true.

So a few things, number one, this thing that their marriage has been over ….because now it’s been confirmed that Wiz cheated. That’s a known thing and I don’t think anyone is denying that, she caught him cheating, we all know that.

When she was here last week, that’s how I got in trouble because she was here all night talking to my wife about her problems. She was going through it, real talk. With that said, they’re married; they have a child so Amber who is incredibly faithful […] you know this is a woman who is not out trying to be reckless and never was ever, that’s just not who she is. This whole conversation about, ‘Oh, they were broken up a long time ago,’ that’s not true, they had problems a long time ago. I believe from my relationship with Amber she knew they had problems, she knew he wasn’t happy and she wasn’t happy either but she was also like, he’s touring, he’s going through a lot and at some point we’re going to get to work on this again, it’s a marriage.

Laura Stylez cut in and said that she heard that Wiz said he didn’t want to be married anymore and Rosenberg went on to say,

I didn’t hear those words specifically but I’m not even going to lie even about that direction too. I know that he had told her…it sounded to me like, I said to her, ‘I’ll be honest, it sounds like he’s not here anymore (he’s not in the relationship), that’s what it sounds like.’  Now that being said, Amber walked in on him with two women, same time, twins, twin biological sisters. I understand because I’m a man but I wish the twins weren’t busted. They’re pretty busted.

Let me put it this way, if they weren’t twins, no chance Wiz Khalifa hooks up with them, only because they’re two, because guess what two fives equal, a ten. But they’re two fives, let’s be clear about it.


The whole story is crazy and I feel like it’s not the end of the story yet. Wiz hasn’t said much.  He’s all smiles and lets face it I’m sure it’s cause he’s high all the time. In no way was he ready for a marriage. Now it’s just seeing who gets full custody of Bash or will the judge grant them joint custody. No matter how beautiful a woman is a man will still be a man.

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