wpid-img_20141001_154851.jpgThere are days I look at my son and it’s still unbelievable, unbelievable that he is my son and I am his mother. I am someone’s mother and it’s still crazy to me.

Having kids has always been apart of my plans. I wanted the husband, the house and then the babies. Things didn’t go quite that way. I got pregnant 3 months before graduating from college but I can say I got my degree. I had the boyfriend but that only lasted until I was about 5 months then everything went down hill. Every thought I had of wanting to have this super happy family went out the window.  My mother was there to remind me that I can still have that happy family even if it’s not with his dad.

Four months have passed and it’s still sometimes crazy thinking that I gave him life and I’ll be responsible for this life for the rest of my life. He’s just as beautiful as the day I had him. Every second, every minute and every hour I’m thanking the Lord that I had him. Everyday he shows me something new something I hadn’t seen the day before. I can’t keep my eyes off of him and his are always fixated on me. We love each other unconditionally and it makes me so happy that he chose me. I am his mother and to me that means everything.

Posted by:Sydney Reneé

Sydney Reneé, was and is woman searching for herself. For an outlet she turned to writing. The Diary of She became a public journal of her personal experiences, opinions and poetry. Through her journey she came to realize she wasn't only helping herself but other women who had been in her situation and may be currently dealing with the same struggles. Sydney Reneé continues to be an inspiration to all the women going through it, reminding them that it's never too late to go after your dreams and speak your truth.

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