The Single Mom Diaries – I Am A Mom

wpid-img_20141001_154851.jpgThere are days I look at my son and it’s still unbelievable, unbelievable that he is my son and I am his mother. I am someone’s mother and it’s still crazy to me.

Having kids has always been apart of my plans. I wanted the husband, the house and then the babies. Things didn’t go quite that way. I got pregnant 3 months before graduating from college but I can say I got my degree. I had the boyfriend but that only lasted until I was about 5 months then everything went down hill. Every thought I had of wanting to have this super happy family went out the window.  My mother was there to remind me that I can still have that happy family even if it’s not with his dad.

Four months have passed and it’s still sometimes crazy thinking that I gave him life and I’ll be responsible for this life for the rest of my life. He’s just as beautiful as the day I had him. Every second, every minute and every hour I’m thanking the Lord that I had him. Everyday he shows me something new something I hadn’t seen the day before. I can’t keep my eyes off of him and his are always fixated on me. We love each other unconditionally and it makes me so happy that he chose me. I am his mother and to me that means everything.

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