Sweet Lies

Those sweet lies tasted good rolling off your tongue,

They got me hooked, yearning to taste more; every last drop.

The things you said felt so real, made me believe THIS was real.

I could touch every word that escaped your lips.

They made their way to my heart putting me in a trance.

Believing everything you said and defending all that you did.

Each and every word I put more and more faith into you, into what we could have grown to be; you and I living this fairytale dream.

But fairytales don’t exist not in this world of mine.

You swoop in like superman but you’re nothing more than a villain in disguise, waiting to crush all my hopes and dreams with your book of lies.

You were supposed to come to my rescue not be the reason for my demise.

Everything you say now cuts me deeper than deep, grabs on to my heart, twist and turns till I collapse to my knees.

Holding on for dear life but your lies have taken control of me and now killing me.

How could something I found once to be so sweet turn sour and break all that I considered ME?

Let me go, let me be, stop blinding me.

You’re confusing me.

I don’t want you to swoop in with your sweet lies and make me believe you’re everything I want and need.

One thought on “Sweet Lies

  1. It brought tears to my eyes. People are people and some know nothing about hurt. I have had friends that have hurt me dearly but I have my family and that says a lots. We are very close and they are my friends.


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