[New Video] Keyshia Cole – “Remember Pt. 2”


Lord Keyshia Cole did it again when she made”Remember Pt 2.” In this visual for the single you’ll catch Keyshia Cole singing her heart out about the broken promises her ex husband made to her.

All the things you said, I gotta get you out my head
Cause you’re tryin’ to make me believe
That you’re the only one for me yeah
Something don’t seem right though
Cause we argue all the time and we fuss and fight
It just don’t seem worth it
Even though we have so much on the line
Family keeps tellin’ me, it’ll be okay one day
But it just don’t seem right no
Do you remember?


Though she may be heartbroken, her son who you’ll see on the beach with her in the video, is definitely her peace of mind and keeping her going. It’s a beautiful song and video.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-21-at-10.27.46-AMFYI I love seeing Keyshia Cole on a beach. 

Check out the video below.

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