The Single Mom Diaries – Move On or Hold On?

The thought of moving on at times sounds so lovely. Going out into the world to find somebody who truly, whole heartedly loves me. Someone who loves not only me but my son as well. I come as a packaged deal these days and if these guys can’t respect it then we’ll never have a connection and someone else will.

As of lately someone has stepped up wanting to play that role. It sounds nice and all but this fella I don’t really know. I want no man around my son if we aren’t having a future together. I will not be the mother who brings men in and out of my son’s life especially when he has yet to build a bond with his father.

I still have hopes of having a family; Him, my son and maybe another baby. But before I even think about taking that step he has to be ready. None of that talking about how much he loves me and can’t see himself without me. I’ve heard it too many times before and the actions never matched the words but yet I don’t lose hope. Maybe he needs time to grow. Maybe he’ll be able to love us the way we deserve to be love. Maybe he’ll be the one I marry.

Love has a crazy way of making you hold on to something that others may say is gone but I’ll continue to hold on until that time really comes.

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