If My Love Life Were A Soundtrack


Songs on the radio I don’t really play but there’s always an artist who I can seem to relate. No I’m not talking about the money and all their fancy estates. I wouldn’t have a crowd of men drooling at my feet. Love and heartbreak would be more up my alley.

My list would include Kehlani, Jhene Aiko and Keyshia Cole because they’re all I seem to listen to these days. I may even throw in some K. Michelle here and there. Oh and let me not forget Mila J.

First I’d listen to Kehlani “Get Away”

I always wondered ’bout why you let me go
Why you let me walk, up on out that door
We just went out for drinks
Then you took me home
Walked me to my porch
Where you turned me on
That night you told me that you heard it in the background
Not just any music talking Mr. Soul Child
Said you was scared to come fuck with me cause you see I’m chasing dreams
But that mean that I don’t need no love

Next would come a bunch of Jhene back to back.
– The Worst
– Lying King
– It’s Cool
And the list would go on but right now my favorite is “Lying King.” It’s like she took the words right out my mouth,

It’s okay, you just don’t know no better, you’re better off being alone
Hope you find comfort in all of the lies that you told
You’ll never get it, I get it, I’m here on my own
I’ll be on my own

But it’s okay, I’m going to find my way
But as for you, I cannot say the same
If you don’t learn, you’ll never know a good thing
You’ll never know a good thing

Then I’d listen to a little bit of Keyshia Cole wondering if he remembered everything he told me everything he said we’d be but K. Michelle was there to remind me you can’t raise a man. Oh but then there’s alway a part of me that will hold on and that’s when Mila J comes on.

Let me take a minute to explain to you
All this time you’ve been in my corner like a trainer
Now you down, think it’s time that I return the favour
As long as we got each other, what’s there to be afraid of?

Cause I’ma ride witcha no matter what
And if the car ran out of gas break out the chucks
The we can walk it out, walk it out
Real bitches know what I talk’ about

I could go on and on cause it seems like my love relates to soooo many songs.

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