K.Michelle Opens Up About Past Relationships on Wendy


When it comes to songstress K. Michelle she’s an open book when it comes to her love life and it was no difference when she stopped by the Wendy Williams Show. K. Michelle has always made it clear that her album material comes from past relationships and her new album Anybody Want To Buy A Heart is no different. So who’s the guy she was talking about in the single “Maybe I Should Call?” That would be actor Idris Elba. For a short period of time, 8 months to be exact, K. Michelle and Elba were an item but it turned out he had a baby on the way. The two met at The Soul Train Awards in 2013. While on Wendy she also talked ex boyfriend Memphitz and plastic surgery. Check it out below.



On getting plastic surgery:
Look, I like to upgrade myself. So I got fat sucked from my stomach and got it put down here for some hips and things like that. And it was a great decision for me. I like putting on my jeans and seeing my badonkadonk in the front. I’m okay with it.

You’re not really supposed to sit down about a week or so [after getting fat injected into your butt] so you’re sleeping like this…but all for beauty, baby! It’s all for beauty. So it works out.


On Memphitz and being called a liar when the deposition leaked:
For me, I think [being called a liar] was one of the more hurtful things. To take a stand and to say, ‘You know what, I’m gonna talk about the abuse that I went through.’ For me, beating your behind or whatever you wanna call it, comes in a lot of different forms. And for me, if I was drugged and smothered with a towel and drug across the ground and I’m screaming for help, ‘Please don’t kill me,’ I mean, I think that was a little bit of abuse.

It’s been really difficult to see every city I go to for promo, I go to a shelter and I go talk to women. And the same women that you’re fighting for can become the same women that are poking at you and calling you a liar. And that’s what makes women not want to come out and talk about it.

On Memphitz suing her for defamation:
He’s suing me. We never said his name [on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.] He’s suing me. He doesn’t have a job, so I’m the job. So, I’m very confident from what’s been going on that I will be vindicated in this. And I’ll finally get my life back.

On her relationship with Idris Elba:
It was like an eight-month situation. I never thought that I would like him either. I thought his jeans were too tight and his accent was kinda funny. No offense to the UK, it was just different for me.

I met him at the [2013] Soul Train Awards and we just clicked. People aren’t always what they seem. He’s not a bad person at all. He has a ratchet side. He cleans up nicely, but he’s very down-to-earth and fun.

On why they no longer talk:

There was a situation. He has a child and I’m not getting in the way of that and I’m not gonna be walking around here — y’all not gon’ get me and call me ‘The Homewrecker’ or any of that. So me, I desire a lot of attention and time, so when there’s a newborn, you have to give that time and attention to that child.

When I met him, I did find out he had a woman pregnant, but I did not know the extent of that situation that was going on. So I kinda looked up and I kinda was like the side chick and kinda looked in the mirror and was like, ‘Girl, you done paid all this money for this work. You can’t be the side chick. Something is going on.’ But throughout it all, he has remained a gentleman.




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