Rihanna Blesses Not One But Three Covers for W Korea

So how do you celebrate your magazine’s 10th Anniversary? Get Rihanna to be on all three of your Magazine covers of course.

Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-10 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-4 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-2

Isn’t she wonderful. For the magazine Rihanna rocked Dior’s Spring 2015 Collection and was pictured in Koreatown, LA by Dennis Leupold.

Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-1 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-6 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-11 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-7

the hair, lips & outfits are to die for

Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-9 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-3 Rihanna-x-W-Korea-Magazine-March-2015-8

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