The Single Mom Diaries – Hello Again!

I can’t remember the last time I took some time out to just write, not just on here but in my journal, send a friend a letter or even work on my book. Being a mom and then adding a job in the mix I’m now working 24/7 but I love it all; I find it to be a blessing and I only see more coming my way. I’m working for a company called Vaco which has me working at Google/YouTube and I’m loving everything about it. Everyone here is great and the pay is amazing. Way way better than any retail job I’ve ever worked. Evan is in daycare and I’m very pleased with where he is. I’m pretty sure he is getting spoiled over there but as long as he’s happy I am too. As far as my dating life I don’t have one lol. Last time I went on a date was Valentine’s Day but then again I’m pretty tired by time I get in that I just want to stay in the house, catch up on shows I’ve missed and be in my son’s face. I do like someone though (sometimes). He’s pretty fun to be around but I don’t want to catch any hard feelings because reality is this may only be temporary and all. He’s here from out-of-state and will be switching schools in a year. It sucks but if I look on the positive side its shown me that it’s still some nice guys out there. Lately (the pass 2 days) my son’s father has been calling me and I won’t lie it’s stressed me a little because I hate trying to figure out what someone wants. Is he getting out of jail? Is he pissed I filed for full custody? Is he gonna cuss me out or is his head in a good space?  I have no clue but I don’t really want to put the money on my phone to find out. I’ll deal with everything when the time comes. But that’s really all that’s been going on in my life lately; working and being the best mother I know how to be.

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