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“He only fucked you over cause you let him….”

That is the realist thing I’ve heard… In my younger days (I’m only 25 lol) I would have said this is a fucking lie but IT’S NOT. People only treat us the way we allow them to, especially niggas. The reason I say niggas and not men is because a man knows how to respect his woman and treat her like the Queen she is. He wouldn’t have here walking around looking stupid and constantly embarrassing her.  A woman would feel secure & protected when blessed with a man, her king. She wouldn’t go around second guessing herself and his loyalty. Her man would do all he could to make sure his family was happy, safe and well taken care of (the legit way).

When it comes to being in a relationship with niggas we get fucked over because we let them get comfortable with everything. They call us out our name we forgive them. He does it again we laugh it off until finally it’s not funny anymore. That’s just where it begins. Then we start feeding them, taking care of their phone bill because they use the excuse, “how am I gonna get in contact with you.” You start paying for dates because you don’t want to be stuck in the house cause he has no money “at the moment.” They tell us they’ll pay us back and we say, “it’s okay babe” until finally you realize he’s always in your pockets. Where the hell is his money. Oh then they start cheating. It may not start off physical but you see his always chatting it up on social media with the same females you’ve never even heard about. He tells you, “It’s just social media calm down.” But then the same female from social media is suddenly in his call log and you see him sending messages when he thinks you’re not paying attention. Females start coming out the woodwork and thinking it’s okay to come at you all kinda ways, but we say, “Oh she’s just crazy,” not realizing it’s really a reason she’s coming around acting like we’re the ones who stepped on her toes.

Yet we love our no good nigga so we give him the benefit of the doubt and believe one day he’ll change. He just needs some time, he’s still young. We start telling ourselves nobody’s perfect; we all make mistakes. But what happens when those mistakes turn from 1 to 2 to 20? After that third time we’ve made it okay for them to keep going around playing us for a fool. We’ve forgiven and stayed too many times. Now when we say we’re done for the millionth time they just look at us and say to themselves, maybe even out loud, “you’ll be back in a few days.”

I say this because I’ve been constantly going through this. I’ve gotten to a point where I have to love myself enough to let go. You can love someone but just because you love them doesn’t mean you have to stay around and be mistreated until he says it’s time for him to man up. My King could be right in front of me but I’m too busy looking back at someone who has gotten way too comfortable with disrespecting me. THAT CAN BE NO MORE…….

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