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Know Who You’re Dealing With.

“You’ll know when a man cares and genuinely wants you because he’ll want to grow with you. Even if you attract his attention, it doesn’t mean he’ll respect you. And even if he tells you he wants you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with his heart.”

I seen this quote as I was scrolling through IG this morning and it made me think. Women get so caught up in wanting to be with someone so bad they forget that all guys aren’t the same and neither are their intentions. There’s actually a few guys we should know the difference between:

The User

The Hoe



Really it’s on us women to distinguish who is who. Sometimes guys do play the role and act like they are committed to you but It’s on us to see the signs. We also have to remember not to get upset with they guy who made it clear from the beginning what you guys were and weren’t to each other because AGAIN he did let us know.

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