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Dear Readers,

Is it wrong that I’m starting to not care that my son’s dad isn’t very active in his life physically and financial?

This is something I’ve been going back and forth with myself about. Yes, I was always the girl who dreamed of living a fairytale life with the husband, the kid, the house with the nice big backyard and a dog. Instead what I got was a bootleg version of the movie Baby Boy but this story don’t seem to have a happy ending. All I can think to myself is thank you for the blessing but we’re better off without you. Am I wrong?

Love definitely had me blinded, had me thinking this was it and I’d be with no one else. Through all the disrespect I told myself I have to suck it up and try to work on this for the sake of my son. He shouldn’t have two parents that hate each other. After all we were friends, at least that’s what I thought. BUT the more time I spend with my son and the less I hear from his dad I think yea we don’t need him around; My baby will do just fine without. We got through our 1st year alone (well besides the love of my family).

Yes, he’ll always be his father but that doesn’t mean he’s the best role model for him. Coming from a two-parent household I seen what a real man is and the steps he takes to be with and take care of his kids. I want nothing but positive, respectful men around my child. I want him to be inspired to do more than settle for the streets.  I want him to have plans for his life. I don’t want my son to think it’s okay to go around disrespecting people, hurting people, using & taking from people. I want him to grow to be a man and not spend his life being a little boy in a man’s body.

– Thoughts of A Single Mom.

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