Thoughts From Within

Not wanting to give up because every part of you (mind, body, and soul) tells you he’s the one you’ll end up spending your life with. Having visions of your future together and how beautiful it will all be. Family get togethers, adventures with the kids, dancing around to old school love songs and feeling the love grow with ever sway and turn. Even through the disagreements that turn to petty arguments you know that there is no one else out there for you. You try to burn the bridge to distance yourself but some how you still manage to make your way to the other side as if you two were linked in a way that no matter how much you pull away you remain stuck; ending up back in the same position you tried to leave. You start to wonder if this is God or if it’s the Devils work. Should you just try to walk away and see if that will finally be the end of it all? Or do you remain in their presence and see if it’ll fall apart anyway?

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