“I Had To Save Me..” Kehlani releases SweetSexySavage. 

Today Bay Area native Kehlani Parrish released her first studio album with Atlantic Records, “SexySweetSavage” featuring hit singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” This comes a year after becoming a Grammy nominated artist for her second mixtape You Should Be Here, which I still listen to faithfully but it was her first mixtape Cloud19 that turned me into a true fan and I’ve been in love with her since.

Kehlani tells LA Times this album is about finding herself and happiness, “I didn’t want to be sad every time I go onstage … and I didn’t want to sink back into depression or relive these things over and over again.” She went on to say,  “I wanted to make myself happy … that’s what this album is about.”

Social media and other media outlets bashed the R&B singer for months over a picture posted by PnD that led the world to believe she cheated on ex Kyrie Irving with the rapper-singer. The hateful comments coming her way eventually landed her in the hospital. Kehlani, who admits to LA Times that she’s suffered from anxiety and depression for years, was sent to a dark place because of all the social media backlash.

Kehlani disappeared from social media and when she returned she had a whole new look, she cut off her hair. “I needed to restart'” she told Times and focus on healing.


While on her break not only did she focus on finding herself again but she came up with the title of her album, which was inspired by TLCs “Crazy Sexy Cool.”

“At the time I had been one person. Then I went through a situation and I was another person and I had to patch myself up from that and so I was another person,” she continued. “What I realized was that I’ve been all of those people at the same time over and over again.” (via LA Times)

You can definitely see the growth in this album and she still gives the fans something they can relate to. My coworker can’t stop telling me how much she loves the song “Personal,” and I couldn’t agree any less with her because it speaks to me. She sings,

You was my nigga, we could have been great
You so far gone, got you thinking you’re safe
All said and done you lost my respect
All said and done you’re the one I regret

When speaking with ELLE magazine, Kehlani said, “I want to leave an impact on people rather than just collecting meaningless shit,”and as a fan she’s doing just that. So KEHLANI FOR THE MUTHAFUCKING WIN!!!!!!!! We love ya girl ❤

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