The Dangers of Catching Feelings For Your Best Friend.


In life we all come across that one human being that we know inside and out. We pretty much go to this person for everything. They’re one of the most important people in our lives and we couldn’t imagine having to live without them. We call this person our best friend but in most cases they end up being more like family.

Being able to open up to a person; sharing your weaknesses and deepest secrets, can be scary but it’s beautiful when you can peel off every layer of you, revealing who you truly are without being judged. They aren’t only there during the hard times but they get to witness some of the happiest moments in your life. Now this person may be female or male but a lot of times we have both, which is great because you get two different opinions about certain subjects because lets just admit it, men and women do not think the same. But what happens when you begin to fall for your friend of the opposite sex? It could end up being the person you spend the rest of your life with but you have to remember you may also ruin a friendship that took years to build. Trust me I’ve been in the situation of taking that extra step with a best friend and let’s say we’ve basically become acquaintances who label each other ‘best friend.’

Most people don’t go into a friendship thinking they want to be with this person in the long run, although some of y’all be straight plotting. It kind of just happens especially if you find each other attractive. For me, it started with flirting all the time; waking up to those good morning text, being told I was beautiful and the two of us always missing each other. At first I didn’t think anything of the compliments because in my head I thought he’s just being sweet because I’m his best friend. You fail to realize the both of you already have a connection/chemistry but you chalk it up to knowing each other for so long. It doesn’t phase you at first but at some point the “What if” thoughts start to pop up. I’m telling you, there’s fucking thought bubbles everywhere . You burst one and another pops up. Oh,and your circle of friends aren’t any help. For years they’ve already assumed you two have crossed the line of being more than friends when really you’ve literally done nothing more than hug each other. They constantly tease the two of you and talk about how you should be together and are probably secretly dating anyway.


As you get older, spending all that time together; texting and cuddled in bed watching shows while reminiscing on the past, you start to think  maybe this is the guy I’ve been waiting for. If he feels the same the conversation will come up and if either of you or maybe even both are bold enough, that line will be crossed. The innocent flirting will turn into something meaningful and the next thing you know the two of you are swapping spit and ripping each other’s clothes off as if you’ve been deprived of sex for years. If this was going to go like the movies you’d be engaged in a year and planning out the rest of your lives together but I’m not going to do that for you. I’m going to be that person; I’m going to hit you with the sad reality that getting involved with your best friend is the worst idea ever. Just think about it? It could be a real disaster.

You probably didn’t think of this but you’re basically going to need to find a new best friend because once you start needing some relationship advice who the hell are you going to turn to. I don’t think you’re going to turn to your BFF now BF/GF asking them how he/she can change this or stop doing that. It might come off a little rude. You want to find different ways you can approach the situation so asking an outside party couldn’t hurt. Plus once the two of you start dating/get serious you are going to want to look at this persons face every damn day. Y’all need some new people to go kick it with. Oh but your new best friend better be the same-sex because both of you are going to let those insecurities show whether you want them to or not.

Or what if the sex is absolutely horrible? Okay you know what you might can work on that together so I’ll take that back. It’ll be an awkward conversation but since the two of you are already close it shouldn’t be that bad. Just tell/show each other what you like and watch some porn. It’ll get better over time.

Shit, What if you had sex before actually getting to the relationship stage? Jealousy is going to kick in. Both of you are going to start hating to hearing about the others love life. Seeing people leave heart eyes under their pictures is going to become a problem. Once you have sex you may start realizing I like my friend way too much and I don’t want to hurt him/her cause I’m actually not ready to be in a relationship yet. Trust me either way it’s going to get awkward as fuck. You may not even hear from each other for a while and when you do it’s going to be short and simple then it’ll eventually be a text sent out every other month. You fucked and ruin something that was already great without the extra shit. BESTFRIENDSHIP OVER!

Fights aren’t going to be normal best friend fights. Shit is going to get real! You both already know every thing about each other and the worst will reappear when things get heated. You won’t even think twice before saying it.

There’s no going back after getting involved with your best friend period. Things will forever be different even if you agreed it wouldn’t. If you break up there’s no, “Go best friend, that’s my best friend,” moments ever again. I’d suggest thinking twice before you decide you want to move forward.

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