Come Again.. Cut Off Who?


I can’t recall all the times I’ve had someone I was dating tell me to cut off my male friends but it’s one of the most irritating things I’ve experienced. I would look at them with this, “who the fuck do you think you are” face. Who were they to tell me who and who I couldn’t be friends with? They definitely weren’t my boyfriends and if they were trying to be they weren’t doing a great job at sealing the deal.

Don’t get me wrong, there comes a time when you do have to let go of some of those male friends in your life, you know the ones that are secretly waiting on your relationships to end, putting doubts in your head about your significant other whenever you come to them for advice so they can eventually be the guy you turn to when you’re over the relationship. Those are the ones you need to pay close attention to once you start getting serious with someone. You don’t want your man being uncomfortable because your “friend” doesn’t know when to stop flirting with you.

Still I’m not cutting anyone from my team until we decide we are going to make it official and work towards building a future together. 

Men, women too, will start demanding shit from you within two weeks of dating:

  • Make sure you text me every morning and call me every night
  • Post me on your page
  • Oh MCM/WCW is cancelled unless it’s me you’re posting of course
  • Every person of the opposite sex needs to be removed from you contacts and social.
  • Tell your parents/friends about me
  •  Always dot your i’s and cross your t’s

You know just stupid ass shit that’s not called for at this stage.

Can I decide if I like you first? Are you even worth being claimed? Is someone else already claiming you? I’m not about to scream to the mountain tops that I fuck with so & so because you might not be shit and the next female is probably somewhere thinking she’s wifey. You’ll be lucky enough to even make it past week 2 because I get annoyed fast and those  little ass butterflies I felt the first 2 days disappear. Reality check, you’re probably going to be the one I cut off  before anyone else.

Shit, it feels like 85 percent of the time it’s men anyway communicating with the opposite sex more than females and leaving those stupid ass heart emojis under IG pics but want us to put our heads down whenever a man crosses our path.

Let me tell you a story….

This one guy I was seeing was going to this club in Oakland for his birthday. I had already been invited to the event a month before he told me he was gong to celebrate his birthday there because my friend was going to be performing. I had known my friend for 6 years now and he always does his best to get me out the house.

Anyways I wasn’t really planning on going when I was first invited but since it was dudes birthday I figured I’d go. Get this he never invites me to his birthday. Months later I found out he actually invited some broad he swore he only met once but I knew that was a lie because she was too friendly on his comments and vice versa. Even though I didn’t get the invite it turned out my friend still wanted me to come see him perform so I decided to go with him and his friends, which I’m happy I did because I enjoyed myself as always when going out with him. I see the guy I was seeing there and I say hi, give his brother a hug and even go check on him when he’s damn near passed out in the corner. Mind you his brother was acting like he knew me more than he did. I left him alone for the rest of the night and continued to enjoy myself.

After that night the guy I was seeing never stopped calling me by my friend’s name. It was super clear he was jealous. He found a way to bring up his name in every conversation. He eventually told me that if I was going to be with him that I would have to cut this dude off for as long as we are in a relationship for. This guy couldn’t even kiss me in public or invite me to his birthday party but really thought he was going to control who I was going to stay friends with.

Recently we tried to just be friends until he thought he was going to catch an attitude about me posting my ex. I told him like bro deal with it, I’ll forever post him and you can’t say a thing about it because you are not my nigga. That friendship came to an end fast lol.

The moral of that story is never let a man and/or female tell you who and who you can’t have in your life when they aren’t making an effort to build with you and only you.

Plus if you trust someone enough  to make them your other half it shouldn’t be any problems with your who they are friends with. Your other will know when it’s time to get rid of those male/females friends without you demanding it. If someone isn’t respecting you and your relationship it’s already clear they don’t need to be in your life. That’s when you cut them off.



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