Infidelity: Exes Confronting One Another

Yesterday I was on Twitter and seen a video of a two people (exes) discussing the infidelity that went on in their relationship. The video starts off with Kourtney asking, “What did you do?” and he proceeds to say everything.

What was everything? Well he cheated on her with multiple women. During the video she asked how many and he couldn’t say a number because he lost count. Throughout the video you can see how hurt she is and he has no emotion. It’s as if he had no remorse for what he did to her yet she still forgave him. I believe if the opportunity was presented to her again she would get back with her ex. It’s sad watching how hurt she is yet you can tell she still has so much love for him.

During the video he asked the infamous question we always seem to get from family and friends, “Why didn’t you just leave?” After finding all the evidence in this phone and catching him with another female, she still stayed. If I walked in the room and seen my boyfriend with another women and all he did was told me to leave, I’m not sure  how I would react. Part of me would want to just walk away and never come back but the other half would be telling me to raise hell. Kourtney said she left and cried for the rest of the day. She admits to being stupid and unfortunately all females go through the stage of being foolish at some point(s) in our lives.

We may not talk to you for a few days but as soon as you apologize and promise not to do it again we come running back. Part of us want to so badly believe that he will change for the better. A man has to be willing to change on his own. No matter how much he says he loves and wants to be with you, if he is not ready to commit he is going to continue to play the same games. Men and women both need to learn to walk away before the cheating starts. If you find yourself thinking about it and know you are going to act on it let the relationship go. The time apart is beneficial for yourself and you’ll avoid breaking another person’s heart.

Personally I don’t think I could sit with an ex and reveal our secrets. It’s great for closure but knowing some of the things I know about my son’s father from doing exactly what she did (looking through phones & emails) and him lying about it, hearing him FINALLY admit to the betrayal would hurt. You automatically think why wasn’t I enough. I’ve also cheated on one of my exes, with my son’s dad (I say he was my karma for the things I did to my ex), and though we didn’t get closure until several months after the breakup I explained why I did what I did and he admitted that he should have focused on me more and not his friends. I remember that conversation so clear. We both cried and got everything out. After that conversation I knew that I still wouldn’t have been with him even without me resulting to cheating. I also told myself I would have ended that relationship differently because it’s a chance the friendship could have remained.

Could you confront an ex about cheating or reveal secrets kept while together?

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