Stop Blaming The Other Woman


Infidelity has become something that is so common you start to wonder if it is possible for someone to remain faithful. We are automatically jumping into relationships thinking about the what ifs… What if he/she cheats? Will I leave or will I stay? Will I confront the other party involved? Before giving the relationship a fair chance we begin to manifest the negative thoughts we are having.

The biggest problem I have when it comes to cheating is that we always tend to blame the other woman and are quick to forgive the man. Now you notice when I woman cheats men don’t go blaming the other guy, full responsibility for the act is put on the woman. Men will walk away and never look back no matter how much a woman begs and pleads for him to stay. So why is it that women don’t do the same? Why do we cling onto a man who can’t keep his dick in his pants? Why do we bash the other woman and wish bad onto her?

This man knew he was in a relationship but yet he found the time to go out and entertain someone new while still being involved with you. I’m pretty sure the woman didn’t come up to him and say, “Hey cheat on your girl with me.” It was he, who seen her and made his move. He could have walked away and went home to his partner. If he was lacking something in the relationship a conversation could have been had to try to resolve the issue. Instead it seems like men try to get a quick fix by cheating. It seems the mindset is my relationship is lacking in this area so let me go get what I need from another woman.

Most women that get involved with a taken man are not aware he is in a relationship. Men so often portray themselves as being single when really they have a woman at home waiting by the phone. Yes, I do believe its the other woman’s job to ask if I man is taken but if he lies and says no there’s nothing she can do about it. When a man starts investing his time in you the thought of him even having someone else tends to go out of the window. In situations like this you cannot go blaming the other woman for “stealing your man.” She didn’t break up your happy home or take your man, he left willingly.

Here are a few reason’s why women like to but the blame on the other woman:

  • We take the man’s side because we’ve known him – He’s been there for the good and bad. He may help around the house with bills and the children (if there are any). As for the woman we have no clue who she is so it’s easier to build hate towards someone you have no history with.
  • Often times we think if we can get her to go away he’ll no longer cheat — the problem is not the woman. Being hateful, calling her names and blaming her for ruining your relationship is not going to stop him from cheating. Just because she is no longer in the picture doesn’t mean another woman won’t come along.
  • Men can be manipulative — they will make us believe that a woman came onto him knowing he had a girlfriend or she tricked him into bed… Why we choose to believe this? I don’t know but they say love is blind, makes you stupid too.

Instead of blaming the other woman we have to accept the fact that some men aren’t ready to be in a monogamous relationship. As long as they aren’t ready to commit it’s a chance you will still get cheated on. We also have to take into consideration how a man was raised. It could be that he grew up in a household where cheating was accepted by the mother so he doesn’t feel like he is doing anything wrong. This same reason can also be why women stay with their husband or boyfriend. They’ve witnessed their mother be cheated on and still stay in the relationship. Women often times use the word love to stay in an unhealthy situation but at some point you have to stop blaming the party involved and take a look at you and your partner.

By the way, fighting over a man is never cute…


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