Diary of A Single Mom: Discipline

Being someone’s mother is an absolute blessing but as I sit here listening to my son cry I remember that although it’s the best gift that can be given to any woman in this universe it is also a stressful one.

If you’re wondering why he is crying it’s because he’s laying in bed with the lights and television off since he decided to be disobedient after I told him over and over to stop acting out. It’s getting to a point where I’m trying to figure out how to handle him when it comes to disciplining him.

Just a few days ago I told his grandmother and TT that we all shouldn’t constantly yell at him because I feel that its way too many people coming at him. I’ll do the yelling and baby taps when I feel like it’s absolutely necessary but before I get there I want to try the time outs and sitting him down for a talk. At times I find that putting him in a corner or turning everything off works because he knows that he did something wrong and from the crying I can tell he’s pissed about it. Eventually after spending what seems like an hour crying, he’ll calm down and go back to behaving nicely. I notice that when we yell it doesn’t bother him one bit. He’ll get a little attitude, be quiet for a few minutes and then goes right back to raising hell. I could be thinking ahead too much but I don’t want him thinking that he should just do whatever he wants because he’s going to get yelled at anyway but I also don’t want him thinking it’s okay to disobey us because he thinks we aren’t going to say anything.

I don’t know if I should call the stage he is in the terrible 2s or the problem child years but its pretty bad. Now for anyone that knows or sees my son they assume he is already 3 or 4 because he doesn’t carry himself like a 2-year-old. He is very intelligent and knows when he is doing something he shouldn’t be. Just talking to him and watching his body language it’s very easy to forget you’ll dealing with a kid that’s only 2. It could be his Gemini personality showing already. Away from home he is practically an angel and does as he is told but when he gets back home with all us women it’s as if he wants us to know he’s the man of the house and is going to do what he wants. He talks back, slams doors, stomps his feet when he doesn’t get his way or doesn’t want to listen, oh and he tries to tell me what I can and cannot do. Now I can handle the running back and forth, jumping and dancing because he is a two-year-old boy and I’m learning they are full of energy and you have to be patient. BUT when I see him doing things on purpose and he already has a clear understanding of right and wrong when it comes to certain things I’m just like lord why are you testing me today.

I tend to think maybe I spoiled him too much or because he is so cute and funny that we laugh at everything he does that now he thinks it’s okay. He is so goofy so I’m noticing that a lot of times he just thinks we are playing with him. When he isn’t in one of his moods he is the sweetest kid ever but this other side is just too much. I like to think its just one stage in his life and he will grow out of it.

Those of you with children, were your two-year-olds just as terrible?

If so how did you go about disciplining them?

Did they eventually grow out of it?

HELP!!!!!!! lol

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