[Podcast] Stage 30 – Sex & Investments

Okay so maybe I need to download Tinder and swipe right when I get bored because I need to get into the dating scene. My match might be out there lol  but hearing about ole boy trying to share germs within the first 20 mins I’m like naw I’m cool. I don’t need you taking my drink asking for a sip and I don’t even know you. She said she had fun but still lol. I guess it’s no different from dating guys off of IG, Twitter or Snap but just the idea of going on a dating app would be weird and a little creepy. I heard all the black men on Tinder have cats too lol. I don’t need that and I don’t need anyone trying to hit me up just trying to get some either.

I’m not going to go in on this much because you can get it from the Podcast but I loved hearing that a guy weighed in on the topic of having an orgasm. He said just because men cum it doesn’t mean he necessarily enjoyed the act. That lets us know that just like women we will have sex with someone and not enjoy it and not say anything about it. Most cases women will continue to go back but guys will hit it once and after that first time not being pleased he won’t try again. I also agree with them when they say we have to stop feeding these guys egos. If we faking he’s over there thinking he is putting in work and now his head is getting all big. Meanwhile the whole time he wack as hell and not getting any better. Ladies it’s our fault, we gotta stop these fake ass moans, oooos and aaahhhhhs lol.

Now onto financial freedom… At some point we all want to get in a position of not owing on student loans, credit cards, car loans etc. The amount of money being spent on these debts can be going into our savings for the future or even a little extra spending money to get yourself something your weren’t able to get yourself due to all the debt you had. Getting out of debt can give you the freedom to travel or do the bigger things like purchasing a home but you have to be willing to invest in order for you to be set in the future.

Me personally, I’m not a big spender but I also don’t have the amount of money I’d like to feel like me and my son are good for the future.  I spend too much time stressing about what I need to get paid off and how much money I’ll have left over after.

I try to avoid spending on the little things I know I don’t need. If I know I don’t really need shoes or clothes I’m not going to spend money on it. When I cut my hair, I did it because I didn’t want to keep spending money to get braids and then I quickly realized I would be spending $20 every 1-2 weeks to get a cut. I was not going to keep spending money to do that so I invested in my own set of clippers. Now I’m finding that even though I know how to cut my own hair I’m spending money to buy hair color and bleach. I’m still not spending a lot because I’m not putting chemicals on my hair like I thought I would but I’m spending my money on products I never really used like that in the first place.

When it comes to my bills, loans and savings I pay my minimum that I’m supposed to. I could easily start getting my debts paid off by paying more every month or whenever I get a check . I can start adding money to my savings every check but I’ve been too focused about what’s showing in my checking. It’s crazy how I already find myself stressed about money and I’ll just be turning 27 but I know for a fact I don’t want to be struggling in my 50s or 60s, still dragging myself to a job because I didn’t think about saving, investing or starting a retirement plan at a certain age. I’ve been at my job for 2 years now and a year ago I could have started a Retirement Plan but because I assumed I wasn’t going to be at this job for long I ignored it. Now I’m thinking it’s a good idea to start one while I’m here now because I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. Listening to this podcast also got me interested in learning about investments. It can be something that is beneficial in the long run.

I definitely encourage everyone to take a listen.




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