Is There Really A Difference? Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised.

For centuries men have been getting circumcised, though becoming less common in the last 20 years. For women with children, it has been an automatic that male newborns would get circumcised before leaving the hospital or within their first few months of life. The sooner it’s done the less you worry about the pain and your child being traumatized by the experience if you decide to do it when they are older. Though for me the experience was more traumatizing for me than him. Watching your child be strapped down so they can’t move was probably the hardest part to watch. The whole time he remained calmed and not one tear came from his eyes unlike the crying party I was having with myself. Anyways as a mom of a young boy there was no doubt in my mind when it came to whether or not I would get him circumcised. It was what was normal to me, his father didn’t disagree (although he wasn’t there to go through the procedure with me. S/O to my mom and her friends for the support) and I knew it would be helpful when he became involved with women because let’s face it when judge more than a little bit when it come to that subject. Unlike me a lot of parents are opting out of having their baby boys circumcised and letting them decide once they become adults.

Why/Why Not Circumcise?

Before the penis is circumcised there is foreskin covering the head making him uncircumcised. So why would someone have it removed?

  1. The number 1 reason is health: men who are intact have a higher risk of penile skin inflammation and penile cancer is more common. Like women the uncircumcised man is also at risk of getting a UTI, intact foreskin can put men at higher risk of becoming infected with sexually transmitted infections and the chance of developing prostate cancer are 50-100% greater.
  2. The sex debate also comes into play when making a decision. It’s been debated that removing the foreskin can decrease sensitivity during intercourse but there’s no way for a man to tell if he’s been circumcised at birth. It’s also been debated whether it is less or more pleasurable for their partner. It has been said that women who have partners that are circumcised experience more sexually pain compared to a man who has not been cut because the extra skin causes a smoother ride and can be helpful to women that don’t produce a lot of lubricate.


As a woman whose been with both circumcised and uncircumcised men I think I have an idea of what’s similar and what’s not but before getting into what I prefer and have experience let’s talk a bit about other women’s preference. I posted the question to my social to see who would respond and surprisingly I had one guy admit to being uncircumcised and not getting any complaints about it and another guy who prefers his men intact but okay with them being cut as well. Then of course I got the answers I expected from women, they rather the men they deal with be circumcised. The top reasons being they feel men who are cut have better hygiene and they look more appealing. Now I had to agree and disagree. I think we can all agree that dicks that still have the skin on it isn’t the most beautiful sight to see. It’s like have a long worm look back at you and picturing that is terrifying but in all honesty any dick looks gross to me. I’ve never liked how dick looks and at one point I didn’t want any around me EVER.


When it comes to hygiene I believe men who aren’t circumcised pay very close attention to that region. If women can manage to get between every nook and cranny of the vagina a man knows how to peel that shit back and get to scrubbing. If you become involved with a man who isn’t circumcised and you catch feelings before you get physical, what are you going to say to him once you’re in the bedroom, “Sorry I can’t be with you because you have extra skin?” RUDE!!!  A lot of times I don’t think women know they are dealing with a man who isn’t circumcised until it’s time to get down on their knees. That’s when you have this dick with a turtleneck on staring you right in the face and you’re just sitting there scared and nervous as hell like “what am I supposed to do with this?”

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Real talk though, sometimes you just be out here having sex not knowing what the nigga dick look like. You hear that condom slap on and you get to it. It be dark and shit so you just assuming the dick is cut okay!! I have been a victim of this. Dealing with a man and the whole time thinking this nigga circumcised but in reality that bomb ass stroke been coming from a nigga with turtleneck dick, so you can’t just be like you know what we gotta end this here thang we got going. Anyways let’s get back to what to do when it’s time to give the top to a nigga that’s uncircumcised… First things first: collect your thoughts and don’t be afraid to tell that nigga to go wash that shit off real good. Now just imagine a popsicle coming out of the wrapper cause that’s pretty much what it is.

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I’ll be honest with you, you don’t have to put in hella work like you would for a man who is circumcised. It’s like giving a man head with a grapefruit without the grapefruit. It can turn into hand job central and he’ll never know. Just put ya head back down when you see an eye about to open lol. As far as the feeling when it comes to intercourse once you realize he is circumcised you can tell the difference. There isn’t as much friction happening. When you start producing less lubricate the sex becomes painful unlike with a man who is intact you’ll notice that you stay wet. I just might have to say it’s more enjoyable or I just could have been really into him so that’s just how my body reacted.

So question is do I prefer a man who is circumcised? I’m not sure I can say. I know It’s more appealing to the eye but then again once the sex is over I’m not going to be spending the rest of my day staring at his dick. Plus if it’s a person I have extreme chemistry with I’m not going to leave him high and dry because his parents decided not to get him cut when he was a child. Sure you can have the talk about him getting circumcised but remember it’s his choice and it shouldn’t stop you from being with your potential husband.

Ladies and Gentlemen what do you prefer? What was your experience?



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