The Truth Behind a Kiss

Let me just put it out there…


To me kissing is one of the most intimate acts shared between two people. To be honest I find it more intimate than the act of having sex. This may not be the case for everyone but a person can have sex with you and never once will you two share a kiss and I say it’s because they aren’t as into as you may have thought. They simply had a goal of getting you in bed and it was accomplished but that’s not what we are talking about today. For two people to lock lips there had to have been some kind of chemistry there and if not chemistry definitely curiosity. I’m guilty of kissing a guy out of curiosity and then wishing I hadn’t after. It just confirmed what I had already known, I just wasn’t that into you outside of the friend zone.

Now that brings me to the purpose of this post… Recently I met someone, we just happened to end up in the same Uber at the same time (lol okay maybe his friend invited him, either way no one knew he’d come out with us for the night). Long story short something happened in-between the Uber ride to the city and the Uber ride back home after the club that had me locked in and ended our night/morning with more than a few kisses. It wasn’t one of those we’re drunk so let’s make out things. It was similar to one of those scenes from your favorite romantic comedy. You know the scene where the man and woman are cuddled in some way, either his head is in her lap or hers is on his shoulder with her leg resting over his. They share a few laughs and they gaze at each other before sharing a passionate kiss and then they get back to whatever had them laughing hysterically.

During our getting to know each other process I was asked, “What does a kiss tell you about a person?” It was the first time I had ever been asked that question. My first thought was I guess I’m not the only one who’s been thinking about that kiss but then I thought well clearly it let me know I wasn’t the only person feeling a connection. That kiss let me know that there was more to him I wanted to explore mentally and that this wasn’t going to be the last one. Oh and of course it was my way of knowing if I was dealing with a good kisser, which I was lol. Now that we’ve shared more kisses I feel like a kiss really can tell you a lot about a person including if they are patient or like to rush into things. Do they take their time with you or are they extremely aggressive.  It’s levels to this kissing shit.

According to the Love Doctor there are 8 Things you can tell about a man by the way he kisses.  Here are a few I found to be helpful:

  1. His Comfortability with Intimacy: a man who is comfortable with intimacy will put his all into a kiss, making you feel like you are wanted. The build up of emotion will be noticed.
  2. Is He Sensitive: will commenting on the way he kisses (too wet too rough) bring out a negative reaction? not all men can deal with honesty
  3. Does he have to be in control?: You can tell how much of a control freak he is based on how he comes at you. Does he let you take over as he lays back and relax?Some men like the chase others like a woman who can come to them.
  4. Is he creative: Kissing goes beyond the lips. Sucking tongue for too long can get boring. Does he explore your neck, whisper in you ear, kiss/lick your ear lobes? This will let you know how interested he is in you as well and that he’s willing to learn and find what other spots get you going. Bring some excitement to the kiss. I know I like to.
  5. Cleanliness: right away you’re going to know if a man doesn’t brush his teeth or shower. You are going to be extremely close to each other. It would be hard to ignore.
  6. He Wants To Fuck (the doctor didn’t use those words): there are signs that he’s just another jerk trying to get in your pants. It’s not about the kiss it’s about trying to get to the next level. Aggressively feeling on you and reaching at your clothes. Yea buddy we know what you’re getting at.

Kissing was never really for me especially if you were someone I wasn’t involved with so for me to be this comfortable with another person tells me a lot about what it is and where I want things to go. Me, kissing on a man isn’t me saying I want to have sex with him, it’s me saying I’m really into you. I want to continue to get to know you as a person and build with you.

What have you learned from kissing someone? Do you do it just because or is there more to it?

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  1. You said it all! Kissing is mind stimulation. Any man that can keep that stimulation stimulated with the kiss and great conversation is my kind of man. And fortunately I married him..

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