Does Size Matter? Let’s Talk Dicks

“He got a little one!”



Yes, I’m talking about penis.

Okay ladies, enough of that dicks are gross and I’d never put one of those near me until I’m married talk. We are not going to pretend we don’t sit around in group like settings with our girl friends and our favorite gay guy friend discussing the length and width of what men have in their pants. The conclusion is always the same; we don’t want to deal with the guy we tell to, “go deeper” only to realize he doesn’t have enough to go as deep as we’d like. BUT we also don’t want to deal with the guy who is extremely hung and making sex feel like we are fighting to stay alive.

Now to get my thoughts about size out there right away because I know there are some men that peak on my blog who are dying to know (yes, y’all are nosey as hell), NO size does not matter but I do prefer certain sizes over others, especially depending on the act that is being partaken in. Either way I’ve come across all sizes; Some that were extremely too big and I had to always ease my way into the act so I didn’t feel like I was suffering instead of being pleased and others where I thought I’m not putting that little ole thing near my mouth but we can still get it popping in this bed. Intercourse with guys that are a bit below average can still be enjoyable and please don’t try to tell me it can’t be. If you can get one-off with that little vibrator you own then you can certainly catch more than a few orgasms with the guy who isn’t up to your dick standards. After all it’s about the motion in the ocean and guys with huge dick don’t always know what they are doing. It’s like he has all that dick and no clue how it works. IT’S A WASTE!!! A waste of his time and my time and if he’s not willing to work on his stroke game I don’t need it.

Before we get into those juicy stories I like to tell let me school you a bit.

Studies show the average size of a man’s penis when he is not erect is 3.6 inches in length and 3.66 inches in girth while the average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 in girth (that’s the width for you who are unsure of what girth is). Now on average a woman’s vagina is 3 to 4 inches long, that’s just enough to take that little dick you ladies love to joke about lol but like the magical beings we are the vagina can expand to fit just about any shape and size penis. Hell we give birth to little humans for goodness sake.I get that just because we can take any size that not all women want to settle for just any ole dick.

I have a really good friend who refuses to deal with any man who is below average. If your dick isn’t big honey, trust me when I say she doesn’t want it. I had an encounter with someone and by the end of the encounter I was immediately texting her phone like girl you are not going to believe this. He was very tall, kinda handsome and skinny. Ladies you know what they say about tall skinny guys, they got big long dick. Well not in this case. I went and placed my hand in his pants. My eyes got huge and then I felt the confused look come across my face. Where was it? I felt like all I was rubbing on was balls. I thought well maybe he’s a grower, he just has to get hard but nope it didn’t happen and he knew he didn’t have much to work with down there. He joked about it but he was also serious when he said, “It’s kinda small.” It confused me even more because I’ve never heard a guy admit to having a little one. Most guys are always bragging about how big they are up until you realize they aren’t. Anyways she was the first person who came to mind and her voice telling me, “girl don’t do it. I don’t like shrimp.” It wasn’t like I hadn’t been with guys who weren’t well-endowed but I was just expecting so much more that it through my game all the way off so in that situation the size definitely mattered okay.

Here is something you should know about me. I was never the girl who was that into sex nor was I thinking about gray sweats and dick prints. Size didn’t even become a big issues to me until I got in a relationship with someone of a different race and we still made it work. A lot of me on top always did it for me (A Tip for the ladies who are currently in that situation: take control if need be so you can walk away a pleased woman). I actually didn’t even think about his sizing until after our breakup and people started to ask me “are the rumors true?”

What did become my issue with size was could my body handle it. The first time I dealt with a man who was above average the shit hurt. It was like losing my virginity all over again; I wanted him to just get the hell away from me. In cases like that you need to learn how to communicate in the bedroom. Tell him to take it slow and once your body is a bit more comfortable with it then you guys can speed it up and try other positions you were too afraid to. That situation kind of taught me how to go into other situations with guys who were bigger than what my vagina was used to. I enjoyed the sex not because of how big they were but because they knew how to work with me, knew the spots to hit, and were just overall good at what they did.

This isn’t always the case for everyone. So now tell me does it really matter.

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