I’m over it! SEX… I’m just completely over it.


Like men, women get bored too and to fill that void we occasionally use sex. It feels good (for the most part) and it’s a quick release. Let’s face it, sex takes the stress away and it can be pretty damn fun depending on who you’re vibing with.  I’m 110% guilty. I find myself feeling lonely with nothing to do and it makes it easy to turn to sex for a little excitement. The bad part about it is in order to get the sex I start to rekindle old relationships with people I stopped dealing with for obvious reasons but because I loved what they had to offer in that particular area I always found my way back. I also knew if I called they weren’t going to deny me. Not to toot my own horn but *beep beep* I got that bomb that keeps the boys coming back. Anyways they may have been jerks but I knew the sex was going to be amazing. My logic was why go out and find someone new who may have the potential to disappoint me in the bedroom when I can just go for what I know?

Well I remembered why it’s not always a great idea to go fuck on someone you used to more than fuck around with… Feelings get involved, drama starts popping back up and it’s just not even worth the multiple orgasms I was going to experience. I officially had to block someone from my past because we always went through this back and forth side to side love triangle bullshit and that shit officially needed to come to an end. I can’t deny how good the sex was because the shit may have been the best sex I’ve ever had. It was as if our bodies were one and whenever we ended up close to one another everything going on at that moment seemed right but the two of us together was all wrong. The sex has never been good enough to keep me dealing with the bullshit that came with it so this one had to go FOREVER.

Honestly sex is a huge distraction all together and it brings unwanted negative energy around. I’d much rather have peace of mind than dick in my life. SO once again I’m going to live a sexless life. No one is going to tempt me this time. I want to have a clear head and a happy heart. I want to focus on the plans I have. It’s time to get back to me and not worry about anything these men have to bring my way. I’ll fill that boredom void with my craft instead of unneccesary dick.

So to those who got to get a piece of this… Shout out to you but now the vagina bar is closed.


Okay not FOREVER but for a long long time. You can’t get a sample either. There will be no, “just the tip” talk going on because we are not children. Don’t no nigga  just put the tip in unless that’s all he has to give. Oh yeah you can’t lick it either!!!

Hooray to celibacy, self-discovery and peace!!! Hooray to focusing on those plans and putting them into action!!!

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  1. I loveee your blogs. They give me some much life. It’s like my reading my thoughts that I can’t put together or get out. It’s amazing and keep up the work. Ready this is giving me an outlet to think and brainstorm my life ah bit different and better.

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