New Year, Same Me, Still Evolving…

With the New Year comes the same phrase, “New Year New Me,” and the same countdown to the days people will be cutting everyone out of their lives. With the New Year comes the same ole resolutions that people aren’t going to see through just like they didn’t follow through the year before and the year before that. We are into Day 2 of 2018 and as I go through my socials there’s not much of a change I’ve seen in anyone. People have the same toxic people in their lives, still talk about the same ole drama, still in love with that cheating ass nigga and still treating their “King/Queen” like the peasants they are not.


Why does it take 12 months for any of you to suddenly want to change? Each and everyday we should be taking the time out to better ourselves, learn something new about who we are, the people around us and the world we live in. Why does it take 365 days to suddenly say it’s time to end this toxic friendship,  that dysfunctional relationship and/or business partnership? We contemplate cutting people out of our lives daily but it takes for January 1st to come around to say okay I’m finally going to do it.

Just because it’s a new year we feel as though things are suddenly going to magically change. We act like the moment the clock struck 12AM everything was suddenly different when the only thing that changed was the date and maybe our alcohol levels. It’s time to start realizing that everyday you wake up is a new day for you to have a fresh start. You can’t say things are going to change but don’t take any actions to see that plan of yours through. Honestly, It’s never too late to become better than you were the day before which is way I haven’t been on a New Year, New Me kind of hype. I will always be me just a little bit better. No one every stays 100% the same. Either you have grown for the better or sadly you’ve become a little bit worse than you already were. Throughout the year bad shit happens, we make mistakes, we lose out on friendships and gain new ones. Some shit falls apart but it only for better things to come into play.

I remember a month before 2017 I kept telling myself I was going to be a more positive person after spending so much of my time secretly depressed about things going on in my life and telling myself over and over that my life wasn’t going to get better. Sure it was something I had told myself many times before but I wasn’t ready to grow which kept me in a space I kept telling myself I didn’t want to be. All that negative shit I was thinking up was starting to manifest into my daily life. I took a look at the people I was involving myself with and how some of them put me in a real negative space while others brightened up the light in me that was fading away. I stopped complaining about the things I wanted to do and started taking the steps toward doing them like working on keeping a clear head, speaking up more, staying positive, having some me time and focusing on my writing (I’ll be releasing my debut poetry book “The Diary of She” on Valentine’s Day, 2/14/18) and I’ve continued/will continue to keep it up. Sure I’ve had my days and will still have days where I’m being lazy, might be sad and even doubt myself but I make sure not to stay in that place. It’s not the year that changed me but my mindset and taking time to myself, learning who I am, what I want out of life in the short and long run. I stopped putting timeframes on shit and being disappointed when shit wasn’t happening for me right away because not all great things happen in a day.


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  1. It’s good to read about the importance and need for personal change. However, making these changes is actually a series of tiny steps for improvements. It’s important to identify those characteristics or actions you feel need to be altered or eliminated. Then they need to be prioritized. Consider working on the top 3 items on your change list. Develop an action plan to resolve each of the items on your change list. Recognize that the longer that you’ve held onto the issue, the longer it may take you to make the change. Dont get frustrated, just keep working the plan. The results you need will come with time. The bottom line – Let go and let GOD! Love, Unc.

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