Double Text, Triple Text? Hell Yes!! Here’s Why….

So who has watched the spinoff of Black-ish, Grown-ish with Yara Shahidi? If you haven’t it plays on Freeform aka ABC Family and you might want to stop reading the rest of this if you do not like spoilers.

Anyways in S01 E03 – If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late Zoey has been hooking up, in her case “hooking up” is strictly kissing, with her sophomore crush but after her 4th late night “U UP?” text she consults her friends for some advice before responding back. Pretty much they let her know that it’s hoe hours and there is nothing romantic about a “U Up?” text. With that said Zoey goes on to make a power move by ignoring his text and acting all nonchalant when she see’s her crush the next day in class but turns out she isn’t the only girl he’s been hooking up with. Either way once she see’s this she back to her dorm room and sends him a text. She see’s those three dots and then nothing. He’s decided not to text back and it sent poor Zoey into a texting spree, which finally came to an end when he crush wrote back, “Please stop,” and that’s where my story begins…


I can’t even count the number of times I’ve gone into text overload, sending multiple text back to back with no response. At some points saying anything and then thinking damn I wish I could take that text back. For me there’s more than a few reasons I’ll go into a damn texting frenzy:

  1. I did something wrong and now I feel bad about it
  2. I cannot stand being ignored
  3. You said something that has me beyond fucked up
  4. You blocked me – NOW you may be thinking well how in the hell is she texting if she got blocked from everything. Well bitch, like I said, I DO NOT LIKE BEING IGNORED. I will turn off the caller ID on my cell phone just so I can call to see if I’ve been blocked. THEN, I will use my iCloud email to blow you the fuck up until I don’t feel like it anymore. Oh and if you’re going to block me from calling/texting you make sure you block me on every social you own because I will hit you up on that bitch too.

I want to say the first time I’ve ever sent multiple text was when I had my first boyfriend back in the 10th grade. Someone told him I “hooked up” with this guy that was always at my neighbor’s house. Now did I make out with him? not even, but was I always hanging out with him when he came to my block and I may have had a bit of a crush on him. That lead to a breakup and I wasn’t ready to accept it. I sent so many apology text, expressing how much I loved him. It was probably the first time in my teenage years that I knew I did something wrong in a relationship and I felt bad asf for it. Those “I did something wrong” text don’t happen too often these days. I’m more so of the girl who will start texting crazy when you begin to ignore me.

Examples of this are:

  • We made plans and you don’t respond when I hit you about them
  • I’m supposed to come to your house but instead another bitch is over there and you start ignoring me. this is when I begin to send those, “you got me fucked up” and “If you don’t pick up this phone or respond to my text right now I’m showing up to your front door.” TRUE STORY, he responded back quick as hell after that. I still came over and he made sure she was gone but he still had me fucked up. I remember him telling me to hit the blunt and calm down lmfao.
  • You said you would call me back in a certain timeframe and didn’t.
  • you said some disrespectful shit to me and then decided to stop responding – I’m really going off

giphy (2)

But the one that bothers me the most is when a guy just completely disappears on you. I’ve had it happen more than a few times. Everything seems to be going good, no arguments or disagreements, the conversation is going great, we’ve both made it clear we’re into each other and then BOOM, he vanishes into thin air. Half of the time the problem isn’t even you. In most cases they stop responding all together because they know they’ve done something wrong but instead of coming at you like an adult they begin to act childish and act like you never existed .

The times I’ve had this happen to me were all for the following reasons:

  1. I’m pretty sure this guy got back with his bm. We had seen each other a week before and were making plans to see each other the week he just stopped responding to me. I want to say a few days before that we had a talk about how much he liked me and asking me if I liked him too. I made myself clear that I did like him but I wanted to see were things would go and I wanted to be sure he was all the way over his bm. I got the we’ll have that conversation later. Suddenly he disappeared. First the multiple text started as, “are you okay?” and “I’m worried” text then they turned to, “you just gonna read my messages and not respond,” to, “you could at least let me know what the problem is or to tell me to just leave you alone.” I finally started seeing him post his bm about a month later and that clarified my suspicions, they were back together. TEXT STOPPED!
  2. One guy already had a girlfriend. I was completely clueless to this. Usually when a guy comes on to you and is out in public with you being all affectionate it’s not going through your head that he possibly has one. During the conversations had, he made it clear he didn’t want to be one of the many guys I was involved with and tells me he doesn’t have anyone he is dealing with. You take his word. You don’t blow up his phone and when he doesn’t call you take it as he’s just busy working. When you actually make it clear you’re into him suddenly you’re clingy and he vanishes and then blocks you. Come to find out from a source that went through the same situation, ole boy has a gf and that’s why he pulled those foul moves. GUYS, don’t come on to a female, be the one calling and making all the moves then have the nerve to call her clingy because you realize you’re getting too involved for a guy already in a relationship
  3.   Then came the guy who clearly had a gambling problem but besides that he seemed great. He was consistent, affectionate, making time to see me but like I said he had that gambling thing going on I didn’t like too much. The day after seeing him he disappears. Before I go off about anything I’m just like okay something is up he hasn’t read any of his text and not picking up any FTs so I check the system. Don’t find him so at this point I’m like okay I’m being ignored. Two weeks later I get a text asking me for some money and then he disappears after saying life ain’t going too good. That’s when the, “you got me fucked up” and “I was worried” multiple text begin.

Point is don’t fucking ignore me!!!!

giphy (1)

Be an adult. I’d rather honesty over the disappearing act. I’m a girl who likes explanations and communication. I don’t like being disrespected and if I feel a certain way I’m going to continue to text you until I get everything I need to say out and even then I might start back a few days later to say the extra shit that’s been on my mind. If you don’t like females blowing up your phone don’t give us a reason to. Speak up like the men you claim to be. Our feelings might be hurt but you’ll be respected, somewhat.

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