“We Can Make That Happen” *Meow Sounds*


Confession: I’m a cat in every way possible, meaning if I’ve ever told you, “yeah, we’ll hang out soon,” or “see you soon.” Yeeeaaaahhhhh… you’re not going to see me soon because I’m horrible at putting any time aside, even if I like you or you’re the closest person I have in my life. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t bring myself to stick to the “plan.”

It’s like trying to give a cat a bath. It’s going to go one of two ways:

  1. I’ll give in and go out my way to make the time for you even though I don’t really have to but at this point you’ve got me out my comfort zone, been patiently waiting and I miss you more than I miss being lazy so I’m all for it 🙂giphy-1.gif
  2. You’re going to ask to see me over and over again until I finally flip the fuck out and find every reason to get the fuck out of this unwanted invitation to chill. ESCAPE PLAN IN FULL EFFECT!


I’ve never been much of a get out there and hang out every weekend kind of person. It’s extremely rare to see me out anywhere to be honest. Either I’m at work or home with my son and niece. To me there isn’t room for me to do much of anything else even if part of me really wants to.

First of all I really only chill with my family so If we don’t have anything planned I’m not going to go out. Then it comes down to the fact that I don’t want to drive anywhere because I’ve spent a total of 20 hours on the road in a week, that’s like a part-time job on top of the job I have now. Oh and the biggest part is I don’t like a last-minute invitation to hang out. Don’t get me wrong, depending on who the person is, which is usually only one individual, I’ll hop my ass up and go have a ball for the night because I know there isn’t going to be any fuck shit going on. BUT even that person knows I be catting-off like fuck.

side note: If you need to a reference to verify if I really am the cat I say I am, just hit me up and I will send you his way. He can vouch for me.

Hmm, what was I saying again… Oh yeah, I don’t do that last-minute shit. At the end of the day I am a single mother and I absolutely hate feeling like I’m putting my son off on people so I can go have a night of fun. Then don’t let the night be full of bullshit because then I’m really going to be mad that I left my son and I’ll probably never come out with you again.

I know free time away from the kids is needed but at the end of the day as much as my son and niece drive me crazy I’m always going to feel somewhat bad for wanting to get away from them. My list of people to watch my son is very limited as well, so If I’m going to go anywhere I need that shit to be planned out at least a week ahead so I can make the arrangements ( aunties & grandparents have a life too and ain’t trying to watch no bad ass kids lol).

I’ve had people get extremely irritated with me for always catting off on them when I say I’m going to make time and then I don’t. I know it’s frustrating for someone to say they’re going to do something and then they don’t (sorry baby girl, I know you’re probably reading this). Unfortunately when I do get my free time it’s very limited because I only have the weekends and to be real I don’t even have the weekend, I have one day, a Friday night if I get lucky. Sometimes I be wanting to tell people to pull up on me so we can just have a quick car conversation because I know my ass isn’t going to be able to go anywhere.

My real friends know my heart and know that no matter how much I cat off I love they asses. But this is just a warning for those newcomers, DON’T BE OFFENDED IF YOU DON’T GET MY TIME. Shit I have one friend I’ve finally took the time to see and he’s been trying to get my time for a good 6 years at least. Now that’s one patient muthafucka lol.

P.S. I’m extremely sneaky (when I want to be), I like to be rubbed on and I can become aggressive but for the most part I’m sweet as hell 🙂giphy-3.gif

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