Are Titles Necessary?

I know by now most of us have seen the video posted by PrinceTattedd with the girl Ashley, who sat next to him for waaaayyyyy too long listening to his bullshit about how he doesn’t want a title. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it below before I get into my spill.

Now the video I watched on Facebook was 7 mins but this shit is a 16 min video and I’m over him and I’m also over her for sitting there for so long. BTW it’s also another video and this nigga has keys to her place. Her dad also told her this fool got her looking dumb so he’s mad at her as he should be. The moment he told her he could fuck around with other women but if she did the same he would cut, she needed to get up and walk the hell away BUT looking at her face she already had her mind made up on where her feelings would be staying and that is with him. She has become attached to this man and has already built a bond with the person his YouTube fans do not get to see.

We can call her stupid and we can also say he ain’t shit but trust and believe we’ve all been in this situation, some of us more than once. Now I respect him for finally saying something to her but he should have been straight forward from the start that way she wouldn’t have went into the situation thinking they were working towards a relationship. Now I’m not saying he needed to put a title on what they are because titles aren’t really necessary but an understanding is needed. What I mean by this is going into the situation it should have been made clear that:

  1. I’m not looking to be in a relationship with anyone
  2. I like you but I’d still like to keep my options open
  3. Although I’m dating I don’t want you dealing with anyone else
  4. Me and you fuck but I am not your boyfriend/girlfriend
  5. I really like you but I’d prefer we take things slow and let it flow naturally

Or whatever the case may be. Before I seen these videos I was having a conversation with someone who is dealing with something similar. Basically he never put a title on what he had with the person he is dealing with now and for him he believes he is technically single and can do what he want without there being any extra drama. Even if there was a talk about let’s not rush things and just see how it goes, the females mind automatically assumes it’s going to turn into a relationship once relationship things are being done. What are these relationship things you ask? Well let me list them for you.

  1. Moving in together (even if you split rent that’s making a relationship move)
  2. Sharing a vehicle (only a woman looking for more than a friendship trusts a man with her only form of transportation)
  3. Having sex without a condom (the minute you fuck a female with no condom we are like fuck that this my dick, my man and I’ll be damned if he do another female like this. Let’s not forget this is how children are also made and being that you know this you are opening yourself up to having a family with this woman)
  4. You guys are literally always together (us females don’t even hang with our female friends that much but we will drop almost anything to spend all our time with you)
  5. We attend family events together (and even if your family is the one inviting her that’s giving her more of a reason to think you guys are in or working on a relationship)

Now if you are doing all this and wondering why she’s tripping off you not making it official and you messing with other females it’s because you are doing official activities with her ma nigga. So that minute you hit a female with the whole I’m not trying to have no relationship, of course she’s going to bug the fuck out. You’re wasting her time and time is a lot of us have no time to waste as we get older.

I’ve been the girl that thought titles were necessary and after having a 3 year relationship with someone without ever making it official I know it’s not. We had the understanding that we were exclusive with one another and no one else was in the picture. We lived together for years, did literally everything together, met each other’s family and friends, shared a car and all that other relationship shit BUT we never once had the let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend talk. For us, it wasn’t needed; we knew what we were to each other and other people knew it too. The crazy thing is we never realized we didn’t make it official with words until we were trying to figure out when we got together. We just made up a date since we didn’t actually have one. Going about a relationship this way isn’t going to work for everyone because some people need to hear those word, “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” to feel secure in what they have together but as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes adding those titles onto a thing that’s already going good fucks shit up. Our expectations become extremely high and other people’s opinions about the relationship start to matter way too much causing issues within that relationship. It’s like as long as the two of you are happy and understand no one can come between the bond the two of you share nothing else should matter. Yall may fuck around and end up married, skipping the whole boyfriend/girlfriend stage and that’s a fact.

Btw, PrinceTattedd made things official with Ashley (I’ve posted the video below) and I can say now that I think she’s going to regret that she pushed the title on him because her heart is going to end up broken. He may really care about her but in all his videos he made it very clear that he wanted to still be able to do him but after all the hate in his comments he’s changing his mind. That shit could be all for the internet and eventually he may cheat even if he does fuck with her because a relationship is something he just wasn’t ready for. Also he might have knew that was the only way he could keep fucking her because she doesn’t want to be friends with benefits. BUT they may really fuck with it. We have no clue what goes on behind cameras. I’m in my own situation now. We have no title but shit is good when we together and I wouldn’t change it.

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