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Someone’s Watching…

The hardest part about following your dream is always wondering if you are the only one who actually believes in it.

– Sydney Reneè

Following my dreams of being an author was something that weighed on me heavy. My desire to do what I loved was always taken over by the doubts in my mind; Spending so much time wondering if the work I was putting out into the universe was good enough and if it would be successful. I now get the same feeling when it comes to my clothing site, this blog and all my other platforms.

I put myself out there and I begin to think that no one is taking notice to the work I’m putting in and the impact I’m trying to make. Nothing I do is get rich quick scheme. I honestly enjoy writing and inspiring others. Yes, I would love for it to turn into something I can do for a lifetime without having to go back to working for someone else but then I wonder maybe it’s not meant for me to do. I spend days promoting myself and my work all over social media and there are times I may only get a like or two with no comments. There are times where I go months without getting any sells on my online store and if I do it may only be one or two from a family member or friends. There’s even times I get the reports back for my book sales and I’ll only have a $20 profit at most. It can be discouraging as ever.

But do I stop pushing because It’s taking awhile to see the results I want? Not even! Great things take time and in order to succeed you must also fail. The goal isn’t to have the most followers on IG and a thousand comments within 20 minutes of posting a picture. My goal is to inspire. If I only reach one person a day then my job is done. The more quality content I put out and the more I stay consistent I will begin to see those results I so badly desire. I don’t need 10K people to see me when there’s already someone that see’s and believes all that I’m doing. I just have to keep believing myself and not focus on what I wish I had but focus on the now.

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