I’ve Made Some Changes.

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Last night I was up until about midnight thinking; thinking about all the ways I could rebrand The Diary of She. Not just the blog but all my social platforms that go with it. My YouTube Channel, Podcast and Social Media accounts. The longer I stay up the more ideas I have about making quality content and to stop worrying over the quantity.

The first thing that needed to change was my YouTube channel. I decided to completely get rid of it. There wasn’t many videos on there, about nine or so, but the quality of them absolutely sucked. Being that I don’t get the best lighting in my house, everything I recorded looked an absolute mess. I was finding that I was spending more time editing the video to not look so dark, overly bright or pixelated that I didn’t even want to record anymore. On top of that my background didn’t look the best. With that said my YouTube channel won’t be back until I can give you all the quality you deserve. In the meantime I’ve decided to focus on other aspects of my brand.

After thinking about it forever, I finally created an official business email within Google, thediaryofshe.info@gmail.com. Part of this change came when I created my YouTube Channel. Since I was using my personal account my page always read Sydney Reneé instead of The Diary of She, which became a problem once I went in and changed my name because when I sent out emails through my personal account or replied to job inquiry’s it always read The Diary of She instead of my name. Well, I won’t have that issue anymore. I also went ahead and changed my emails on all my business platforms. Along with creating a new email, I decided to start a new Twitter as well to promote all things The Diary of She.

All in all it was just time for a change. It was time to separate all my personal accounts from the business side so I can grow a new following of people who are following not because they know who I am or have been following me since Instagram was created but because they are interested in what I have to talk about and the products I sell, like my clothing.

I still have a lot to learn but I’m happy with the changes I’ve made so far and I hope you all stay with me on this journey of mine.

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