Yay! Friday! Here’s What My Day Looked Like…


Friday, oh how you came and went so fast. I didn’t really take advantage of all you had to offer me today. When I walked outside, the sky was clear and it was a tad bit chilly but by 11:00am it almost felt like spring as the warm sun touched my face. Too Bad I didn’t get yo enjoy you for long.


That’s the time my alarm went off. I may not have worked in months but I never turned off my alarm because I didn’t want to become too lazy and keep too a routine of taking the kids to school early. Of course, I snoozed you about three times.


I finally dragged myself out of bed but not before every bone in my body cracked. My sleep has been the best due to my hip and knee hurting on the left side of my body. I got myself dressed and picked out my son’s clothes. Surprisingly he wasn’t so grumpy this morning and he put on his own clothes.

7:30ish AM

I grabbed my niece, ID/debit card, my son grabbed the car keys and we headed to the car, which my son said he wasn’t touching because it was cold, wet and gross. I got my niece and son strapped in, blasted the heater, then recorded a quick video of my niece dancing to Ty Dollar $ign.



Walked into my counseling session and talked about all the things that had been bothering me for almost 2 weeks for an hour. Basically I feel stuck. I talked to you guys about that in my venting post earlier in the week.

After that session was over at 10, I made my way to Safeway because I’ve been needing to grocery shop for weeks, and figured why not get it out the way before it gets way too crowded and I put it off another week. Since I’m starting my health journey figured I’d go grab some healthy snacks and things for the kids. I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot at 11AM and was home 20 minutes later with the worst migraine ever. I figured it was because I hadn’t eaten by my usual time. As I put away the groceries my face got hotter by the minute and at this point I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the house again, so now tomorrow I need to go mail off this autographed book.

Anyways by 12:00PM I was laying in my bed starving all while trying to rest my eyes. I Door Dashed some food hoping that eating would help but it didn’t. I ate my burger and fries then put on A Million Little Things, which I really need to re-watch because I pissed the ending once again because I went to sleep. I woke up 4 hours later, like 5:30ish, with my head still hurting. Thank goodness my son was off with my sister because I wouldn’t have been able to function. I spent the rest of my day catching up on shows, which I’m still currently doing, and watched the new episode of Broad City (it was genius).

Was your Friday filled with more excitement than mine? I really hope so!

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