24 Hour Juice Cleanse: My Experience.

Cleanse 2

Hello Everyone and welcome back to The Diary of She. Today I’ll be letting you know how my 24-hour juice cleanse went. I’ve been wanting to do one forever and now, the day has come. I signed up for the Pressed Juicery membership, which is $10 a month. You don’t have to order all the time but the money will remain in your wallet for future purchases. I didn’t pick the beginners cleanse because I have faith in myself to make it through the day. Instead a decided to do Cleanse 2, which is the most popular cleanse, but I am said to say that instead of receiving the two citrus juices I ended up with one citrus and two root juices.


The reason I decided to do a juice cleanse was to not only detox my body but also help me kickstart a healthy eating habit. It’s something I had been researching for awhile and figured it would not only be great for my health but it would also force me to be committed to the process. I am someone who doesn’t have much self control when it comes to sweets and especially when it comes to cheese. The temptation has already getting to me but I am remaining strong. I had no clue how good food smells until it hit me that I can’t have any today.


  • Increase in energy
  • Clearer Skin
  • Allows your digestive system to rest/heal
  • Clears toxins from the body.


The Schedule:

I had my first drink around 8AM and it tasted amazing but I did notice that an hour before I was due to have my second drink my stomach was ready to eat itself. I got rid of that feeling of wanting to grab something to eat by loading up on water before 11AM hit. It definitely helped but let me tell you, food smells so much better when you can’t have it.

Finished my second drink by 12PM and my stomach was growling 15 minutes later. Also the bathroom was my best friend. Totally felt like my bladder wanted to explode.

By my fourth drink I didn’t know what to do. The headache started, my body was hot and I couldn’t stop thinking about eating. How do people do these cleanses? I actually felt like my body was about to breakdown and my eyes were watery asf. The 5th drink I only drank half of because the taste of beets was horrible. The last drink tasted like milky sand but wasn’t so bad.

By time I finished this cleanse my whole entire head was pounding, my stomach felt tight and I was calling it a night by 10:30pm. As much as I wanted to stay up and catch up on a show I couldn’t. This morning I still have a minor headache and my stomach has been growling nonstop so it feels great to eat something.

Not sure if I would do another juice cleanse but I can stick to drinking the juices. Plus, I think I consumed way more sugar from those drinks than I normally do. Oh one benefit was throughout the pain I did feel much lighter than normal.

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