One and… DONE

A lot of people think I’m crazy when I say I only need one kid and I just cannot understand why. Like I literally had a woman tell me to not let a man dictate the number of kids I have and if I want them to just have them. I’m sorry but it’s not happening. Sure, I may have wanted more at one point in my life but spend a hour or two watching Teen Mom, you’ll want a Hysterectomy so fast.  Just take the whole fucking uterus because I refuse to have 3-4 baby daddies and my child running around with a million and one (yes, I’m dramatic) half siblings.

When would you even get the free time? Seriously, just think about it. Having to dress, feed, bathe, do drop offs, put them all to bed and everything else that comes with being a mom. Then when it’s time to send them off to their dads, imagine having to plan around 4 different schedules to drop off your kids, not to mention if one of them flake on you, your whole ME time is fucked up. I only have one kid and it’s hard as hell to find my own free time outside of work and caring for him. I get to feeling overwhelmed and again I only have ONE CHILD, so with 3 or more i’d be in a corner somewhere looking like I smoke crack rock.

Having my one son and going through the ups and downs with his dad are enough for me. One minute we can be the best of friends and the next I can want to throw him into traffic, his dad that is. Now, having to do that 2 more times, going on an emotional roller-coaster with 2 other men is completely out. I’m not trying to be judgmental or anything because I know their are women out there that have multiple children by different men and continue to get the job done no matter what, BUT ladies, when do we get to a point where we close our legs and get on some fucking birth control? It may sound harsh but you do not have to have a baby by EVERY man you hop into a relationship with, then be upset when he leaves you raising another child on your own. Having a baby does not make you and that man committed to one another for life, it only makes him committed to his child and AGAIN he can choose to leave you high and dry at any time.

Just because you see all these fake-ass ‘celebrities’ having kids by every guy they meet shouldn’t make it a trend. They do it because that’s how they make their money, unfortunately. It seems to be something that keeps them relevant, instead of them aiming for a ring and career. That’s my opinion, don’t be mad lol.

The fact that I never even wanted to have a kid out of wedlock and DID leads me to the reason of only needing one child as well. It is just something I didn’t have in mind for my future. AND yes, I know things don’t go as planned. People fall in love, think they’ll be together forever and then boom here you go planning a baby. Then others have accidents and decide they are keeping their child. Being that I know what I want out of life now and what I want for my son growing up, I choose not to be a woman walking around with multiple baby daddies. I don’t feel bad about my son being the only child from me because he has half siblings and hopefully they grow to have a strong relationship. Maybe I’ll meet someone, fall deeply in love, wed and then have another child but if I’m not married and impregnated by the age of 34, it’s a DONE deal. One baby daddy and one child is all a woman (me) needs.

I’ll accept stepchildren though, maybe.

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