It’s My Room Too!

Hello Everyone! It’s time I give you a mommy blog post. Becoming a mom has been the biggest blessing ever. I’ve wanted to be a mom since I can remember and by time I was 15-years-old I knew I wanted to have nothing but boys. The way my son drives me crazy you’d think I wouldn’t want anymore boys but If I happen to meet my soulmate before I reach my cut off limit for kids, 35,  and get pregnant I pray it’s another boy. They may drive you into the ground and give you gray hair before your time but man their love is unconditional and sweet as ever.

Speaking of how crazy energized boys can be I wanted to share my experience of having to share a room with my son. Share a room, I’m sure you thinking. How right? Well people, I live at home with my mom, niece, sister and granny, so the space is limited until the day I finally leave the nest. You’d think my son was sharing a room with me but this is definitely his room and I’m just in it.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned about having to share a room with your toddler:

1. Things will be broken

The TV I once had, GONE! Broken when my sister was supposed to be watching him. I go outside to record a podcast and come back to my TV on the floor. He said sorry and asked if I fixed it. No son I did not. I thought about replacing it but decided against. Now when I want to watch something I use my laptop. He also broke a few of my necklaces and the glass cover to my oil diffuser.

2. My Bed Isn’t Mine

This room is pretty big, big enough to fit his bed in here yet he refuses to get out of mine. On top of him sleeping in my bed, he gives me zero space. Somehow I’m always at the edge of the bed fighting for space and for him to let my hand go and to move over. He even try’s to take my side now.

3. The Noise Doesn’t End

I find myself with headphones on trying to drown out the sound of toys crashing to the ground, laughing and screaming.

4. There’s No Such Thing As Clean

No matter how many times you manage to pick up toys, put away shoes and make up the bed, the minute you turn around it will look like your room was hit by a tornado. I’m lucky if things stay clean longer than a day and I haven’t almost broke my ankle on a toy car.

5. No Privacy

Everything I do he wants to have front row. I’ve had to learn to remember to lock my door after showering because he will burst in like the police. But if I were to do that to him he’d be complaining about the privacy he needs.

One day I’m sure he’ll be trying to kick me out of his space so though I can feel crowded I’m accepting all the love and annoyance. I’m sure if we had our own place he would still find time to do all the above.

7 responses to “It’s My Room Too!”

  1. Girl this is living with a child period! And I think that ur case is just on steroids because he’s in ur room always!
    I have a nice sized master bedroom and my daughter has her own room and she STILL manages to destroy my room. DESTROY!

  2. OMG this was hilarious I could just imagineee. xD I literally have baby fever but always forget that raising a kid is a lot of work. It’s not just pamper commercials 24/7 where the kid is calm all the time. Aah omg I remember us breaking things when we were younger – I won’t know how much trouble I was until I become a mom. 😂 Has your son ever had a tantrum in public?

    • I want to say he has had one but it wasn’t super terrible. He’s more so loud and wants to go do his own thing so I’m constantly yelling get over here lol. It’s a lot!

  3. Great post! The mom life is hard but thank you for shining a humorous light on what I’m sure can be a frustrating situation! Keep up the good work! You’re doing a great job!

    • I should have added the time he and my niece poured baby powder all over themselves. It was hilarious until my sister seen her room and wanted to cry lol

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