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Why Having A Son Is Like Having A Tiny Boyfriend

You hear people say it all the time, “stop treating your son like he’s your boyfriend,” and I think to myself, I’d never treat my son like that but it sure doesn’t stop him from thinking he’s somebody’s man or daddy. I’m not one of those moms that goes around dressing my son up like me, even though the pictures I see of boys and their moms are freaking adorable. Although some of you moms do go a little overboard making your 3-year-old look like a 20-something-year-old drug dealer. Yes, I said it!

Anyways being that my son, who is almost 5, has always been the only boy in a house full of women, he hears from his grandpa that he is the man of the house and he is sticking to it. If you tell him he’s a little boy his favorite response is, “No, I’m not a little boy, I’m a man.” Thinking about it has me currently rolling my eyes lol.

As far as him thinking he’s the man, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re still my baby. BUT let me get into the reasons why having a son is like having a mini boyfriend.

1 “Cuddling”

Maybe it came from breastfeeding for almost a year or maybe it’s the fact that I’m his constant, whatever it is I cannot get this little guy from under me. He’s like my shadow that doesn’t leave my side. He refuses to sleep in his own bed because in his head my bed is his. We fight over whose is whose side and then when we fall to sleep he asks to cuddle and if we aren’t cuddling he has me in this choke hold, which stops me from moving anywhere.

2 “You’re Not Going Anywhere”

This is his favorite line when I finally get to have a kid free night. He doesn’t want me to leave the house. Possessive much lol. I know you love me but mommy needs space sometimes. If he sees me putting on shows or if I take a shower his first reaction is to ask where I’m going, which almost every time the answer is no where, but still why are you questioning me lol. But trust if I do end up with plans he will either take my shoes or stand in my way. We have got to work on that before he is actually of dating age. His girlfriend will not enjoy that lol.

3 “What Are You Wearing”

More recently he’s gotten in the habit of telling me to cover up lol. I was working out and he literally stopped me to zip up my shirt some more because, “my boobs are showing.” Kid what do you know about cleavage anyone.

4 Bodyguards

Oh and I can’t forget about the times he’s made sure men stay away from me and that they don’t give me hugs. I remember being on a play date and my son seen me hugging this guy. He inserted himself between us and asked me if I needed any help. It was the cutest most sweetest thing every. My 2-year-old was being my little protector.

I could go on and on about the subject. At an early age boys become protective of their mothers and to other people they will see it as them being spoiled. The love is so unconditional and all they want is to love us and keep us safe. At times it may remind you over a jealous, overprotective, love struck ex but it’s so freaking sweet coming from a toddler.

I know my kid can’t be the only one like this.

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