Let Silence Be The Answer

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” though not many of us have always taken that advice due to the pettiness that lies within our souls. As easy as it seems to just let things go and say nothing at all, it is waaaayyyyy easier said than done. There’s always that part of you that want’s to scream out, “I told you so!”

As an individual I’m still working on how to keep my mouth shut, especially when I know the words that come out of it can make a person feel some type of way. I’ve failed more than a few types but I can admit I’m getting better. Once upon a time I’d say the harshest of things and feel no remorse about. Now I hold it in, work it out with myself and let it go. Even when it comes to giving my opinion or advice I’m starting to realize that sometimes no advice is the best advice you can give to a person.

The Reasons I Say This:

1. There are some people that only want a listening ear. We tend to believe that when people come to us venting about a relationship, work, family etc, they want to hear of ways to fix the situation but they don’t. They just want to know they have a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen. Not an I told you so.

2. Keeping your mouth closed can save a lot of friendships and relationships. We have to learn when and when not to speak, along with saying things in a way that doesn’t come off as judgmental and condescending. I know they say it’s best to keep it real with the ones you love but not everyone can handle the authenticity you bring to the table.

3. Sometimes trying to help others by giving your opinion or advice becomes draining to the person giving it. It comes a time when you have to put yourself first, especially when the person you are always trying to help ignores your advice and then yells at you for trying to help in the first place. It can become a never ending cycle you no longer want to be a part of. It’s best to eliminate yourself from the problem before you say something you regret. Plus there’s no need to waste your time.

4. Lastly, you never want to say anything that can come back on you in a negative way. I believe karma is real and giving someone the same negative energy they give you can be more damaging than you think.

I know that often we want to help another individual, clear our heads, or get something off our chest that’s been weighing us down for years, but is it worth it? If it’s not I say let it go.

Let silence be your answer to whatever is bothering you. Sometimes no words can be heard a million miles away. The message will be heard loud and clear.

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