OH NO! A Pimple.

Every find yourself rolling around in sunflowers, walking across a rainbow and singing in the rain (aka having an absolutely amazing day) and then suddenly you start to feel swelling/a sore on a targeted spot of your face. Instantly your annoyed because you know that more than likely it’s a sign of a pimple developing. I don’t know about you but for me it’s one of the worst feelings ever. I get to feeling like I’ve immediately turned into a beast.

I always figured acne was something you only had to deal with as an adolescent and since I didn’t have those issues during that time of life I figured I completely avoided acne all together. No one told me that once I had a kid I’d be looking for ways to avoid a pimple every other week, but here I am currently trying to get rid of the three on my face. They tend to have their favorite spots, which are on both my cheeks and sometimes on my forehead.

The cause of my pimples are usually the following:

  • Stress
  • PMS
  • Oily face (my face is usually dry but once it becomes oily a pimple quickly forms.)

Once I notice pimples this is the routine I use to get rid of them as fast as possible (I need to start doing it the moment I feel one coming). Noting that I am no expert when it comes to skin-care, I just do what works for me.

  1. Wash my face with warm water
  2. Apply Neutrogena face wash.
  3. Wash off face wash
  4. I then use a Shea sugar scrub by Tree Hut called Moroccan Rose. I rub softly in a circular motion. I like to use this scrub because I have a really dry face and it helps with all the dead skin.
  5. After washing off the scrub I apply my Freeman peel off mask. My favorite is the Cucumber but I also use the green tea gel mask and the black charcoal.
  6. Once I peel off mask, I rinse my face with warm water.

If you like apply an oil or cream after.

What is the routine you use to get rid of acne?

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  1. Pimples are the worst. Especially when people point them out to you😅. My latest post was about how I deal with them mentally.

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