How To Improve On Your Goals


Every new year that comes around we find ourselves setting new goals, like hitting the gym, eating healthier, reading more, etc. Those are excellent goals to have but the thing about setting these goals at the beginning of the year is most of those goals aren’t being seen through by the time the 2nd or 3rd month of the year hits. Once that happens we tend to get into the mode of, “I’ll try again next year.” Next year comes and there goes another new goal being added to the list of the previous ones you’ve yet to complete.

I’m one of those people but over the last two years I’ve stopped creating resolutions I knew I wasn’t committed to and started to focus more on the goals that I’ve given myself in the past that were important to me and my future, then making sure I see them through step by step, day by day. Also taking the time to remind myself that it’s okay to fall somewhat behind or take a break as long as I get back to it. The more in depth you become with your goal setting, the better the outcome.

Here are some tips to improve your goal setting and being on the road to success:


When setting your goals make sure they are important to you. Write down your reasoning for why you want to achieve that particular goal. If you cannot think of any reasons it’s probably just a random goal you threw out there without having a why? Once you know your why, you’ve found your purpose and that alone will give you the motivation you need.


Also known as SMART GOALS

  • Specific – Make sure the goal is well defined
  • Measurable – have a point of reference that can measure your progress to accomplishment
  • Achievable – Don’t set goals for yourself that aren’t attainable
  • Realistic – In your reach, realistic and relevant to your purpose in life
  • Timely – having a defined timeline with a start and end date



Set your goals and let them be yours and only yours. Some times we have people in our lives who want to build on the goal we’ve already set for ourselves. They aren’t doing it for negative reasons but most likely because they believe you can exceed the goal(s) you’ve already set for yourself; They see your full potential even when you don’t. In cases like that you can start to fall back on your goals due to the pressure another person put on you. You are no longer motivated because it is no longer the goal you set.

BUT, if you need help with a goal, that is a different story. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some tips or looking ways to define your goal more.



Writing down your progress or creating a spreadsheet can be helpful when it comes to seeing where you are with your goals and where you will be.

All that’s left to do is just do it!


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