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A List of Things I’ve Bought Since Shelter In Place Began

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Shelter-in-place has been a blessing to my checking account or so I thought. I’ve saved on all transportation cost like toll, gas and bus fare but I started to notice that the amount I was spending on things like food & alcohol doubled based on my budget app. It hasn’t put me in the hole but some of the stuff I bought I probably really didn’t need like this AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening tooth Brush with 8 replacement heads. Well at the time I bought it I didn’t need it but it’s actually kind of perfect. I can stop buying a ton of toothbrushes.

Here is a list of things I’ve bought from Amazon since being stuck at home.

Hair Care Products:

with this whole pandemic happening I had to cancel my appointment to get my hair braided & I have no clue how to braid my own. It’s at a length where I’m unable to just throw on a wig and go so I’ve had to resort to working with my natural hair. That meant restocking on all the hair products I need. Here’s a list of products I’ve got so far/

Skincare Products:

Lately I’ve been breaking out a ton on my cheeks, mostly red blemishes and a few pimples. I’m not a big fan of skincare products but sitting on Amazon & I ended up ordering more than a few things. I think they are working but I have to get more consistent

Beauty & Home Goods

I finally gave in and got me some Fenty Beauty products along with a few other things to keeps myself feeling pretty

I’m not even going to get into the amount of clothing & shoes I’ve gotten my son but It’s a lot. Being stuck at home with him it’s like it’s making him grow even faster. I’ve pretty much had to get him a new wardrobe & shoe collection. Of course I ordered myself a few pair along the way. There’s no telling what else I’ll be spending my money on, especially since my son’s birthday is in less than a month. Isn’t it lovely!

What does your quarantine shopping list look like?

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