Binge Worthy Shows: Quarantine Edition

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Hey guys I’m back with a list of Binge Worthy Shows: Quarantine Edition, I know you’ll enjoy. I took all this time to watch shows I’ve never seen, refused to watch and completed ones I’ve never finished. I was missing out something tough but now I’m hooked and wish I had more to watch. I’ve even started noticing some of my favorite actors and actress while watching.

Now these shows are shows that I’ve actually been sitting home watching.

After you check out my list of binge worthy shows, let me know what’s your favorite show and give me some of your binge worthy suggestions.

Shows I Never Bothered Watching

1. Gossip Girl – I listed this as my number 1 for a reason. It kept be wanting more from beginning to end and once it was over I was trying so hard to find something that could compare but honestly, I don’t know if there’s anything out there that can.

2. Riverdale – I’m a huge fan of shows like The Vampire Diaries and this reminded me so much of that, that I had to give it a chance. I was not disappointed. The teen drama, plot twists and mysterious murders were right up my alley. I even enjoyed the musical episodes.

3. Gilmore Girls – This is another show I never got into watching. I loved the idea of a mother & daughter duo based in a small town where everyone knew each other and got along. The theme song I never skipped.

4. Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life – It didn’t live up to the original but because I watched all of Gilmore Girls a had to check this out. I love that they brought back the whole cast, but that Lorelia still pissed me off and she never appreciated Luke.

5. Community – If you’re looking for something to casually watch this is it. My son even enjoyed it. Whenever he came in my room it was one of his request.

6. New Girl – I loved watching this show, especially having the chance to be in a similar experience; a girl rooming with 3 guys with all different personalities. Plus Schmidt literally made the whole show for me.

7. Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce – It used to be one of those shows I tuned into every week but eventually stopped. Well I started from season 1 episode 1 and knocked that off my list.

Shows I Needed To Finish

8. Fuller House – It’s nothing like a good reboot and I couldn’t keep looking at it on my continue to watch list. It’s also family friendly so it was perfect to watch those days I wanted to chill with my son.

9. Black Mirror – That shit is crazy but I couldn’t look away.

Currently Watching

10. Dawson’s Creek – I’m going to just say it, for almost 5 season’s I wanted to jump through my screen and choke the life out of Joey and Dawson. For a bunch of teenagers they sure had soap opera drama going on. I have one more season to go.

11. Life in Pieces – Any family comedy is a win win in my book. It reminds me of Modern Family.

Then of course you’re into all that nostalgia like I was you can always go re-watch Moesha, Girlfriends, The Game etc on Netflix. Those shows really weren’t that great but they bring back so many memories. Oh yeah and I can’t forget those Disney shows we grew up with.

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