Affirmations For The Healing Woman

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There is no trauma that is bigger or smaller than the other. Women go through so much in life that we began to think it’s the norm to hold onto our pain and don’t label what we are feeling as a form of trauma we’ve dealt with. For awhile I didn’t think I had anything wrong with me until I began looking back on my journals. Seeing what I wrote from clear eyes shocked me; a slap to the face, telling me I was hurt, a little bitter, kind of sad and didn’t have my life together.

In order to gain back our power and put the pieces back together, we must heal first.

Below I leave you all with some affirmations and quotes to do just that:

  1. I acknowledge my unresolved feelings.
  2. I am willing to be at peace with myself and those who have hurt me.
  3. I am open to the healing process.
  4. I will allow myself to feel the emotions flowing through me and release them in the most positive way I can.
  5. I know that change doesn’t happen all in a day, but I am open to the journey towards a life I’m proud to be living
  6. I will take each day as it comes and find ways to turn the pain into love.
  7. Today I will look in the mirror and speak love into my heart.
  8. I forgive myself and hold no grudges towards those that contributed to my pain.
  9. Today and everyday I choose to be patient.
  10. The wounds I’ve developed are not my fault but choosing not to heal will be.

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