Call Me Insane

I remember I used to sit back and wait for you to become available to me.

It didn’t matter if It took years, I was willing to wait and see.

I just knew we were meant to be.

We would talk on the daily; message after message.

You were somebody else’s, yet you had all my attention.

It seemed like I had yours, so, like a fool I kept waiting.

Then the day came; you moved her out the way.

Oh, but nothing changed.

We spoke less and less.

Maybe once or twice every other month, at best.

All of that talk left me feeling a mess.

I figured you changed; at least you said you would.

You lied… like always, I knew you would.

Now, you’re wondering why I’ve changed.

My focus has shifted away; away from this insane idea

Idea that you could give me something great

Something that involved just us.

That wasn’t the case.

The day has come where I finally walk away.

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