Mom Guilt: A List of Guilty Feelings.

Mom guilt, we all get it, even those of you who don’t like to admit it. Trust me when I say it’s nothing to be ashamed of and I wish people would stop trying to make us feel guilty for being human. Being a mom is so rewarding, but it comes with a lot of, am I doing this right, moments. There are times you feel like you are going to lose it, but then one tiny thing brings you back to why motherhood is overly amazing. Even then you’ll still have moments where you doubt yourself and feel guilty for doing too much or doing too little.

To show you all that it’s normal and okay I want to share a few Things I Feel Guilty About As A Mom.

  1. Not taking my son on many vacations/outings.
  2. Not playing with him all the time when he asks.
  3. Not being able to provide a two-parent household.
  4. Automatically assuming he did something wrong (sometimes it’s really not his fault)
  5. Pushing him away when all he wants is to show me affection w/ kisses (at times it’s too much)
  6. Forcing him to spend time with his other parent.
  7. Wanting to have my space.
  8. Not doing more educational activities (even though he’s very smart)
  9. Not reading to him a lot.
  10. Having to yell to get my point across.
  11. Not cooking home cooked meals everyday of the week.
  12. Letting my son use the tablet too often.
  13. Feeling like I’m losing myself

What are some things you feel guilty about when it comes to motherhood.

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