Affirmation’s For The Guilty Mom

  1. I’m an amazing mother.
  2. My children love me.
  3. Every day I am doing my best.
  4. Motherhood has made me stronger and wiser.
  5. I will make my dreams a reality while still taking care of my family.
  6. I trust my parenting intuition and know my children will blossom beautifully.
  7. Making time for myself is important.
  8. I may not be a perfect mom, but I’m just right for my kid(s)
  9. Taking care of myself makes me take better care of my kids.
  10. I will be present in the moment instead of worried about the future.
  11. I will speak love and positivity into my children.

Mama’s when you’re feeling down, thinking you aren’t the best mother you could be, read these affirmations daily like you drink your cup of coffee.

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