“It Takes One Smile” – A Poem by Me

Things happen that some of us may never understand.

No matter how good or bad, we always seem to tell ourselves it’s part of God’s plan.

Everything happens for a reason, that’s what they say.

Maybe if we had answers to why, the pain would go away.

Could I have done something to stop the hurt & pain?

Could my words of advice have stopped her mistakes?

Could a simple hello had turned around that person’s day?

Maybe a smile would have sent some light their way.

There are things in life we just can’t change.

The devil always finds his way in to ruin the day.

Don’t let it turn your skies gray or your heart icy.

Don’t let it make you abandon those you found warmth in.

Shine your light on all those who cross your path.

Never lose the glow that you have.

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