Kindle Promo Until Friday!

Get viewers to purchase poetry book on amazon kindle.

Do you ever feel lost in the world and feel like there is no way out? If so… Her Final Entries is for you! and it’s available for $0.00 on kindle until Friday 11:59PM. After Friday if you have Kindle Unlimited it will remain free to you.

In Her Final Entries, is a collection of poems and affirmations that take you through five different phases in my life: Love, Hurt, Release, Lost, and Found. During this journey, you will fall in love with life and the people in yours, be released from the hurt and pain you’ve been holding on to, heal on the inside and outside, and most importantly you’ll have hope in better days.

Here’s a poem from the Release section.

She Seen the Light

Everyone had their opinions.

I wasn’t trying to hear them.

I defended him till the end.

Until it finally hit me.

They had my best interest.

He didn’t and never would.

My love for him I didn’t doubt.

His love for me was unsure.

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