The Weekend Is For Writing

two cups of coffee on tray on bed
two cups of coffee on tray on bed
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The weekend, the perfect time to relax, have fun, and leave all your work from the office behind. Unfortunately, when you’re an author or writer the weekend is strictly dedicated to creating. If they aren’t, think about setting some time aside to let your creativity flow.

In my dream world I’d love nothing more to be a full-time writer. I can imagine myself sitting in a nice white dim room, with beige accents, writing romance novels and poetry books all day. I would be able to take a break whenever I wanted without having to shift my focus. Then when the weekend hit, I’d be able to fully enjoy them.

Since, I haven’t made it to that level of success, I often have to put my writing to the side to focus on other responsibilities, such as my full-time job and the daily responsibilities that come with being a mother.

I wake up at 6:40AM, get my son and I ready for out walk to school, get back home around 8:30ish and then spend 8 hours of my day working on a small laptop.

Once that laptop closes my day doesn’t come to an end, as there’s still about seven other things for me to do. I tell myself once I settle in that I’ll write a few things down, but by then my brain is fried and I can barely see.

For that reason, I choose Saturday and Sunday to write. My mind is clear from the multiple task I am working on, my headaches disappear and there is nothing distracting me, well besides the kids, but that doesn’t get in the way because I can stay up as long as I want.

Just last night I was able to edit two book cover, revamp my blog and add a few more poems to my upcoming poetry book. This is why I write on the weekends!

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