The Diary of She Series: Back & Better

The Diary of She Series is back and better than ever. This series features three poetry books, the first dating back to 2017.

When releasing my first poetry book I had no clue what to do or if what I was writing was even considered poetry, but there were so many poems & quotes piled up; It was time to show the world.

Fast forward to today, I am now releasing these same books under my name as a self published author.

I saw this opportunity as a blessing because I was able to rework my book covers and rearrange the order of poems to my liking.

With this series, I pour out my heart and I leave no corner of my life unturned. It takes a lot of courage to be able to speak from the heart and even more to share it with the world.

I would like readers to know that there’s no reason to hide imperfections, censor words, or put up with being mistreated in an attempt to hide one’s true self. Love who you are, even in the hard times.

For those interested in modern poetry, I hope you give my work a chance and let me know what you think in an honest review. If you have friends are family you believe can relate I hope you share it with them too!

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