K-Drama: My Top 5

What’s a K-Drama you ask? A K-Drama is a Korean television show, made in South Korea, and is in the Korean language. For someone history click here

Let me just say it’s been the best TV I’ve watched ever since we got stuck in a pandemic. I’m not sure which show started my obsession… actually I take that back, I do know, and I’m happy to have found this genre. So much love, happiness, sadness and betrayal!

Log into my Netflix and the first thing you’ll see is recommendations and more than a few categories all dedicated to K-Drama’s.

Since I love the genre so much I want to share a few of my favorites with you. Warning, if you can’t stand reading subtitles for a good hour, or more if you binge like I do, then these shows are not for you.

With that said here we go!

My First Pick is….


A story of three best friends on the verge of 40. When I decided to watch I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew that me, a single woman in her 30s could relate. Within a few episodes I was balling my eyes out all while hoping for the best for these three women.

Twenty Five Twenty One

The first night I watched I could barely get through episode one. I wasn’t sure it was the show for me, but after coming back to it a few days later I was not disappointed. As a writer, journalism major and a 90s baby I couldn’t ignore the nostalgia this series brought. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that dedication to the things you love can take you far.


Marrying into a wealthy family isn’t as glamorous as one would think. Secrets can lead to deadly consequences and this family is no stranger to either. This series is full of twist and turns. If you love a drama full of suspense tune in. See if these characters can get their happy ending.

Our Beloved Summer

These two started off as complete opposites, but sometimes that makes the perfect love story, even if it takes 10 years to get back on track. Imagine being followed around because you’re the top of your class in high school, but you get stuck with a classmate who can care less about succeeding in life. It was more than entertaining to watch and seeing how they turned out 10 years after the documentary was filmed.

love ft marriage and divorce

I can’t leave out the show that started it all for me. From the moment I turn it on I was hooked. A story about three women, who thought they were happily married, until the unthinkable happens; their husbands betray them by falling for other women. I will admit the series lost me a bit last season, especially with these new actors, and the constant spirits coming into play, but I’m dedicated and haven’t given up on this show just yet.

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